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New companies

Name Status ITN Registration date Legal address
OOO "KREKOT" Active 9204570527 20.09.2018 299007, Sevastopol city, street Kulikovo Pole, ДОМ 3
OOO "UK PARTNER" Active 8602288359 20.09.2018 628406, KHanty-Mansiiskii Avtonomnyi okrug - YUgra autonomous district, city Surgut, street Bystrinskaya, ДОМ 8
OOO "VIRAZH" Active 7802676269 20.09.2018 194044, Sankt-Peterburg city, street Smolyachkova, ДОМ 15-17 ЛИТЕРА А
OOO "CHISTYE OKNA I VITRINY" Active 7819039677 20.09.2018 198504, Sankt-Peterburg city, city Petergof, street CHebyshevskaya, ДОМ 8 КОРПУС 2
OOO "SAMPI" Active 7804627852 20.09.2018 195009, Sankt-Peterburg city, street Akademika Lebedeva, ДОМ 16 ЛИТЕР Б
OOO "PARTNER" Active 7801650860 20.09.2018 199178, Sankt-Peterburg city, line 15-ya V.O., ДОМ 70 ЛИТЕРА А
OOO "TOCHMERA" Active 7804627838 20.09.2018 195257, Sankt-Peterburg city, avenue Severnyi, ДОМ 75 КОРПУС 1
OOO "PSL" Active 7805733010 19.09.2018 198152, Sankt-Peterburg city, street Krasnoputilovskaya, ДОМ 18
OOO "STROIPRO" Active 7702440037 20.09.2018 129110, Moskva city, lane Orlovo-Davydovskii, ДОМ 1
OOO "KREPOST" Active 7743275061 20.09.2018 125130, Moskva city, street Vyborgskaya, ДОМ 22 СТРОЕНИЕ 1