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New companies

Name Status ITN Registration date Legal address
ANO "SEVASTOPOLSKII DOM VETERANOV" Active 9204570894 16.10.2018 299011, Sevastopol city, street Lenina, ДОМ 43
OOO "DELTA" Active 9204570887 15.10.2018 299003, Sevastopol city, street Tokareva, ДОМ 3-1 ЛИТЕРА Б
OOO "ELFOMED" Active 9201526135 15.10.2018 299038, Sevastopol city, street Kesaeva Astana, ДОМ 1
OOO "SSD-GRUPP" Active 9204570870 15.10.2018 299007, Sevastopol city, street Stepanenko, ДОМ 8 ЭТАЖ 2
OOO "VODOLEI" Active 9201526128 15.10.2018 299021, Sevastopol city, street SHevchenko Tarasa, ДОМ 49
OOO "SPK" Active 9201526110 15.10.2018 299006, Sevastopol city, street SHevchenko Tarasa, ДОМ 28
FOND YURIYA ROZUMA Active 9204570862 15.10.2018 299008, Sevastopol city, street Mechnikova, ДОМ 21
OOO "STROIREZERV" Active 9201526103 11.10.2018 299053, Sevastopol city, street Vakulenchuka, ДОМ 31-Б
OOO "TERRITORIYA VIN KRYMA" Active 9204570848 11.10.2018 299029, Sevastopol city, avenue Generala Ostryakova, ДОМ 36А
RO TRUDOVOI PARTII ROSSII V GORODE SEVASTOPOL Active 9204570830 11.10.2018 299011, Sevastopol city, dead end Bakinskii, ДОМ 2