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01 Agriculture, hunting and rendering of services in these areas429727 02 Forestry and related service activities163767 05 Fishing, fish farming and related service activities74460 10 Mining of coal, lignite and peat13264 11 Extraction of crude petroleum and natural gas; related service areas47043 12 Mining of uranium and thorium ores1946 13 Mining of metal ores15991 14 Other mining and quarrying66078 15 Manufacture of food products and beverages321364 16 Manufacture of tobacco products7583 17 Textiles73423 18 Manufacture of wearing apparel; dressing and dyeing of fur105352 19 Manufacture of leather, leather products and footwear27086 20 Processing of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture342849 21 Manufacture of pulp, mechanical pulp, paper, paperboard and articles thereof53356 22 Publishing, printing and reproduction of recorded media495456 23 Manufacture of coke, oil products and nuclear materials30521 24 Chemical production109784 25 Manufacture of rubber and plastic products147878 26 Manufacture of other non-metallic mineral products231728 27 Metallurgical industry63868 28 Manufacture of fabricated metal products354409 29 Manufacture of machinery and equipment340916 30 Manufacture of office machinery and computers80892 31 Manufacture of electrical machinery and apparatus184809 32 Manufacture of radio, television and communication86359 33 Manufacture of medical, precision and optical instruments, watches127206 34 Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers36198 35 Production of ships, aircraft and spacecraft and other vehicles48315 36 Production of furniture and other goods, not included in other categories306590 37 Processing of secondary raw materials157714 40 Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, gas, steam and hot water169471 41 Collection, purification and distribution of water60365 45 Building2721029 50 Trade in motor vehicles and motorcycles, their maintenance and repair1251444 51 Wholesale trade and commission trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles5397826 52 Retail trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles; repair of household goods and personal items3455594 55 Activity of hotels and restaurants868484 60 Activity of land transport1270084 61 Water transport64552 62 Activity of air transport31564 63 Supporting and auxiliary transport activities1901313 64 communication301075 65 financial intermediation677501 66 Insurance88967 67 Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation and insurance357442 70 Real estate activities1874455 71 Renting of machinery and equipment without operator; rental of household goods and personal items719689 72 Activities related to the usage of computers and information technology746620 73 Research and development248890 74 Other service activities3217166 75 Public administration and defense; compulsory social security153840 80 Education392443 85 Health care and social services305523 90 Sewage, wastes disposal and similar activities183514 91 The activities of public associations217370 92 Activities, recreation and entertainment, culture and sport650242 93 Personal services482928 95 Provision of housekeeping services30670 99 Activities of extraterritorial organizations3058

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Adygeya republic12871 Altai republic19912 Altaiskii region115185 Amurskaya region31778 Arkhangelskaya region46526 Astrakhanskaya region24690 Baikonur city701 Bashkortostan republic129431 Belgorodskaya region59831 Bryanskaya region41252 Buryatiya republic37531 Vladimirskaya region62597 Volgogradskaya region112801 Vologodskaya region71727 Voronezhskaya region104607 Dagestan republic45673 Evreiskaya autonomous region7050 Zabaikalskii region33218 Ivanovskaya region66988 Ingushetiya republic7529 Irkutskaya region106342 Kabardino-Balkarskaya republic20260 Kaliningradskaya region89285 Kalmykiya republic21631 Kaluzhskaya region46651 Kamchatskii region23960 Karachaevo-CHerkesskaya republic13719 Kareliya republic41643 Kemerovskaya region104459 Kirovskaya region78480 Komi republic39053 Kostromskaya region11179 Krasnodarskii region240604 Krasnoyarskii region145705 Krym republic28704 Kurganskaya region29516 Kurskaya region40558 Leningradskaya region66471 Lipetskaya region40256 Magadanskaya region15892 Marii El republic28194 Mordoviya republic25177 Moskva city1940911 Moskovskaya region342333 Murmanskaya region39595 Nenetskii autonomous district1696 Nizhegorodskaya region188379 Novgorodskaya region24224 Novosibirskaya region313955 Omskaya region98654 Orenburgskaya region70091 Orlovskaya region25059 Penzenskaya region50296 Permskii region147712 Primorskii region122979 Pskovskaya region29327 Rostovskaya region171855 Ryazanskaya region54711 Samarskaya region220932 Sankt-Peterburg city791135 Saratovskaya region98221 Sakha /YAkutiya/ republic48926 Sakhalinskaya region29090 Sverdlovskaya region362553 Sevastopol city9405 Severnaya Osetiya - Alaniya republic21691 Smolenskaya region45251 Stavropolskii region83643 Tambovskaya region33750 Tatarstan republic202709 Tverskaya region62766 Tomskaya region66887 Tulskaya region65605 Tyva republic8519 Tyumenskaya region90713 Udmurtskaya republic73010 Ulyanovskaya region52059 KHabarovskii region86721 KHakasiya republic17520 KHanty-Mansiiskii Avtonomnyi okrug - YUgra autonomous district73542 CHelyabinskaya region193650 CHechenskaya republic16267 CHuvashskaya Respublika - chuvashia45547 CHukotskii autonomous district2851 YAmalo-Nenetskii autonomous district23513 YAroslavskaya region86870

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