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The site presents the totaly open and publicly available information all registered in the territory of the Russian Federation legal entities contained in the public registers. These are open and accessible to the Federal Law of August 8, 2001 № 121-FZ "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs".

Article 6. Provision contained in state registers of data and documents
1. contained in state registers information and documents are open and accessible, with the exception of information, access to which is restricted in accordance with the second paragraph of this paragraph.
For information about the number, date of issue and the authority that issued the identification document of a natural person, contained in public registers may be provided only to public authorities, other public authorities, the courts, bodies of state extra-budgetary funds in the cases and in the manner that established by the Government. This restriction does not apply when the provision containing said information copies of constituent documents of legal entities, as well as information about the place of residence individual entrepreneurs, which are provided in accordance with the procedure established by paragraph 5 of this Article.

Why are we doing this?

At some point, I needed complete list of Russian companies, ie USRLE database. I found out that these data are public and accessible on the basis of Art. 51 of the Civil Code and the Federal Law dated 08.08.2001 №129-FZ "On State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs".

However, as it turned out, there is an order and position, according to which the Federal Tax Service of Russia sells public and publicly available data for 300 thousand rubles per year (150 thousand for database of entrepreneurs and 150 thousand for database of companies). More information on the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia. I have this situation in the extreme indignant, so I wrote treatment to the President on official site. However, my appeal was transferred to the Federal Tax Service of Russia, which said that everything is legal, as it provides public data online free. The data there are available after entering the CAPTCHA and the result to PDF. It is not suitable for any automated processing. But if you want to process automatically, you should pay 300 thousand.

The idea to make this data available to the public, and public really came in December 2015. Project was started at the beginning of February 2016. I purchased access to this data, and placed them on it. In contrast to the 1001 other site (including SPARK Interfax), featuring information from the register, my site presentes the information completely free of charge, as it is in the public registers, ie, you do not need to pay to see the founders of the organization or its accounting statements.

A key element of the project is a free and public the API, so any service can freely use the data provided on the site. I believe that if you allow other programmers to do around these data, their applications, then the market will be a huge number of relevant and useful services, such as verification of contractors, automatically fill in the organization details in the forms for legal entities and many other things, what we can't even imagine now.

The result of our work was recognition by the Open Government of the Russian Federation. The project "OGRN Online" became one of the winners of the Second All-Russian competition "Open Data of the Russian Federation" in the nomination "The Best Solution for the Development of an Open Data Infrastructure"

How can you help?

Every day people open over 120 000 pages on this site, the number of requests exceeds thousand per second. We are very pleased that you appreciate our work and even use it in your own projects. This is our main goal.
But such high load requires appropriate server so both site and API can respond on your requests. We are and we shall pay for this servers in any case. But if you find on this site interesting and useful information, we will be very grateful if you support the project in accordance with your capabilities.

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