This class includes: - Both domestic and foreign trade, including re-sale (sale without transformation) of new and used goods to retailers, industrial, commercial, institutional or professional users or to other wholesalers; Agents involved in the purchase of goods on behalf of such persons or companies, as well as selling merchandise: activities of wholesale merchants, commission agents, brokers, wholesalers sales of industrial products, exporters, importers, purchasing co-operative associations, commodity brokers, agents, wholesalers - buyers as well as cooperative organizations engaged in the sale of agricultural products - Groups 51.2 - 51.7 only include the wholesale trade on its own behalf (at their own expense, without intermediaries) This class also includes: - Transactions related to the wholesale trade: assembling, sorting of large consignments, their division into smaller lots, repackaging, packing and bottling, storage, refrigeration, delivery and installation of goods on own account This class includes: - Wholesale of motor vehicles and motorcycles, see 50.10.1, 50.10.3, 50.40.1, 50.40.3. - Wholesale of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and motorcycles, see 50.30.1, 50.30.3, 50.40.1, 50.40.3. - Rent and lease of goods, see 71.
OOO "GIMALIYA" 119180,Moskva City,Polyanka B. Street,ДОМ 51А/9 OOO "RIF" 195009,Sankt-Peterburg City,Komsomola Street,49 ЛИТ. Б OOO "KHIMEVROMASH" 190020,Sankt-Peterburg City,Narvskii Avenue,18 ЛИТЕР А OOO "PROMTEKHKOM" 111116,Moskva City,Krasnokazarmennaya Street,19 OOO "SOK" 630082,Novosibirskaya Region,Novosibirsk City,Dusi Kovalchuk Street,252 OOO "DELTA-YUG" 414024,Astrakhanskaya Region,Astrakhan City,Nikolaya Ostrovskogo Street,107 OOO "INVESTGRUPP" 109052,Moskva City,Smirnovskaya Street,10 СТР.5 OOO "KHOZDOM" 680031,KHabarovskii Region,KHabarovsk City,Karla Marksa Street,166 OOO "ZOLOTOI PROEKT" 156001,Kostromskaya Region,Kostroma City,Prirechnyi Passage,ДОМ 49 OOO "SPI" OOO "ANIVITA" 107258,Moskva City,Bukhvostova 1-ya Street,12/11 1 OOO "ZABOTA" 420094,Tatarstan Republic,Kazan City,Marshala CHuikova Street,9 OOO "REVERS" 197101,Sankt-Peterburg City,Malaya Pushkarskaya Street,34 ЛИТ.Б OOO "EDELVEIS" 192102,Sankt-Peterburg City,Andreevskaya Street,3 ЛИТ.А OOO "SPEKTR" 109456,Moskva City,Veshnyakovskii 1-i Passage,ДОМ 1 СТРОЕНИЕ 1 OOO "INTEGRA" 426000,Udmurtskaya Republic,Izhevsk City,Votkinskoe Highway,160 OOO "AZALIYA" 125367,Moskva City,Gabrichevskogo Street,ДОМ 8 OOO "KOBRA" 105215,Moskva City,Parkovaya 9-ya Street,62 OOO "VITAL" 649002,Altai Republic,Gorno-Altaisk City,Kommunisticheskii Avenue,53 OOO "1-YA AGRARNAYA KOMPANIYA" 644065,Omskaya Region,Omsk City,Zavodskaya 6-ya Street,15 OOO "PIRAMIDA" 195027,Sankt-Peterburg City,YAkornaya Street,9А OOO "DELOVOI PARTNER" 194156,Sankt-Peterburg City,Engelsa Avenue,16 К.2, ЛИТ.А OOO "GLOBALSERVIS" 109202,Moskva City,Basovskaya Street,5 OOO "INKOM-STAR" 117556,Moskva City,Varshavskoe Highway,89 СТР.1 OOO "BAIKE-IMPEKS" 632640,Novosibirskaya Region,Kochenevskii Area,Kochenevo Industrial community,Lermontova Street,56А OOO "STROIKLIMAT" 428022,CHuvashskaya Respublika - Chuvashia,CHeboksary City,TSivilskaya Street,7 OOO "TEKHTRANSSERVIS" 308036,Belgorodskaya Region,Belgorod City,60 let Oktyabrya Street,10 0 OOO "FERRIT-URAL" 445044,Samarskaya Region,Tolyatti City,Ofitserskaya Street,15 OOO "MEGAOPT" 194214,Sankt-Peterburg City,Toreza Avenue,93 ЛИТ. Б OOO "TALAN" 105187,Moskva City,SCHerbakovskaya Street,55 СТР.1 OOO "AVS" 191023,Sankt-Peterburg City,Sadovaya Street,28/30 1 OOO "RADUGA" 620026,Sverdlovskaya Region,Ekaterinburg City,Dekabristov Street,14 OOO "TANDEM" 129119,Moskva City,Bannyi Lane,9 OOO "LAGUNA" 121354,Moskva City,Vitebskaya Street,9 СТР.2 OOO "GRUNDLAGE" 236039,Kaliningradskaya Region,Kaliningrad City,Portovaya Street,ДОМ 30 OOO "KAMELOT" 109052,Moskva City,Podemnaya Street,ДОМ 12 СТРОЕНИЕ 1 OOO "ASTON" 127410,Moskva City,Putevoi Passage,22 OOO "AGROPRODTORG" 454007,CHelyabinskaya Region,CHelyabinsk City,Pervoi Pyatiletki Street,43 А OOO "DALAI" 671056,Buryatiya Republic,Ivolginskii Area,Sotnikovo Village,Promyshlennaya Street,1 OOO "LES-INVEST" 630091,Novosibirskaya Region,Novosibirsk City,Kamenskaya Street,74 ZAO "NEOTEKS" 109382,Moskva City,Nizhnie Polya Street,31 СТР.1 OOO "LUSINE" 628405,KHanty-Mansiiskii Avtonomnyi okrug - YUgra Autonomous district,Surgut City,Komsomolskii Avenue,19 OOO "EKSPRESS-KOLBAS" 109388,Moskva City,Guryanova Street,55 OOO "METEKOPROM" 454139,CHelyabinskaya Region,CHelyabinsk City,Novorossiiskaya Street,30 OOO "DZHINELEKTRONIK" 117588,Moskva City,Litovskii Boulevard,20 OOO "M-GRUPP" 350051,Krasnodarskii Region,Krasnodar City,Sevastopolskaya Street,ДОМ 2/1 ЛИТЕР П/А OOO "PARK" 392028,Tambovskaya Region,Tambov City,Bastionnaya Street,1 ЛИТ.И OOO "TEKHNOSERVIS" 426028,Udmurtskaya Republic,Izhevsk City,Poima Street,37 OOO "PROFSERVISTORG" 117420,Moskva City,Nametkina Street,8 СТР.3 OOO "ATLANT" 194156,Sankt-Peterburg City,Engelsa Avenue,16 К.2,ЛИТЕР А

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