This class includes: - Both domestic and foreign trade, including re-sale (sale without transformation) of new and used goods to retailers, industrial, commercial, institutional or professional users or to other wholesalers; Agents involved in the purchase of goods on behalf of such persons or companies, as well as selling merchandise: activities of wholesale merchants, commission agents, brokers, wholesalers sales of industrial products, exporters, importers, purchasing co-operative associations, commodity brokers, agents, wholesalers - buyers as well as cooperative organizations engaged in the sale of agricultural products - Groups 51.2 - 51.7 only include the wholesale trade on its own behalf (at their own expense, without intermediaries) This class also includes: - Transactions related to the wholesale trade: assembling, sorting of large consignments, their division into smaller lots, repackaging, packing and bottling, storage, refrigeration, delivery and installation of goods on own account This class includes: - Wholesale of motor vehicles and motorcycles, see 50.10.1, 50.10.3, 50.40.1, 50.40.3. - Wholesale of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and motorcycles, see 50.30.1, 50.30.3, 50.40.1, 50.40.3. - Rent and lease of goods, see 71.
OOO "TERRA +" 445144, Samarskaya Region, Stavropolskii Area, YAgodnoe Village, Pervomaiskaya Street, 29 ZAO "KAPO" OOO "MIKORA" 620102, Sverdlovskaya Region, Ekaterinburg City, SHaumyana Street, 83 MTP "TORGOVYI DOM" 462250, Orenburgskaya Region, Mednogorsk City, Furmanova Street, 3 НЕТ ZAO "ASP TEKHNIK" 423815, Tatarstan Republic, Naberezhnye CHelny City, SHishkinskii Boulevard, 4 OOO "AGROLESSERVIS" 687000, Zabaikalskii Region, Aginskii Area, Aginskoe Urban-type settlement, Bazara Rinchino Street, 105 OOO "URALKHIMPRODUKT" 614017, Permskii Region, Perm City, Uralskaya Street, 93 "KASPII" OOO 368211, Dagestan Republic, Buinakskii Area, Karamakhi Village OOO "INFOTEKHSERVIS" 625016, Tyumenskaya Region, Tyumen City, Respubliki Street, 85 - OOO "GELIOS-TREID" 454045, CHelyabinskaya Region, CHelyabinsk City, Neftebazovaya Street, 1 OOO "STRIM" 305014, Kurskaya Region, Kursk City, Karla Marksa Street, 77 OOO "TOGUS I K" 305022, Kurskaya Region, Kursk City, Stepnoi 3-i Lane, 22Б OOO TD "ZHBI" 305007, Kurskaya Region, Kursk City, Olshanskogo Street, 9 OOO "SOLYARIS" 423578, Tatarstan Republic, Nizhnekamskii Area, Nizhnekamsk City, Studencheskaya Street, 11 OOO "GARANT" 672000, Zabaikalskii Region, CHita City, Babushkina Street, 42 А OOO KOMPANIYA "AVTOMIR" 426063, Udmurtskaya Republic, Izhevsk City, Promyshlennaya Street, 2 OOO "ARTRON" 410019, Saratovskaya Region, Saratov City, Pugachevskaya Street, 161 OOO "EKSVI" 630000, Novosibirskaya Region, Novosibirsk City, Pisareva Street, 1А OOO "LAZURIT" OOO "NIRAGRAN" OOO "DIREKT" ZAO "FELIKS-PERM" 630005, Novosibirskaya Region, Novosibirsk City, Krylova Street, 36 OOO "SFERA" 423578, Tatarstan Republic, Nizhnekamskii Area, Nizhnekamsk City, Studencheskaya Street, 11 OOO "AKVALYUKS" 680501, KHabarovskii Region, KHabarovskii Area, Krasnorechenskoe Village, Mostovaya Street, 6 OOO "GAZ-AVTO" 633216, Novosibirskaya Region, Iskitimskii Area, Linevo Industrial community, Listvyanskaya Street, 1 OOO "STROIMAG" 241020, Bryanskaya Region, Bryansk City, Pilotov Lane, 2 OOO "KOVAR" 680009, KHabarovskii Region, KHabarovsk City, 60-letiya Oktyabrya Avenue, 217 OOO "VOLGOGRAD-OPTIMUM" 400111, Volgogradskaya Region, Volgograd City, Semipalatinskaya Street, 33 А - OOO"METALLPROM" 614045, Permskii Region, Perm City, Okulova Street, 7 ZAO "BELPROMTRANZIT" 308000, Belgorodskaya Region, Belgorod City, Vokzalnaya Street, 22 - OOO "TSITROIMPEKS" 454084, CHelyabinskaya Region, CHelyabinsk City, Pobedy Avenue, 160 OOO "ELEKTRO SETI" 394000, Voronezhskaya Region, Voronezh City, TSyurupy Street, 34 NET 658839, Altaiskii Region, YArovoe City, Zavodskaya Street, 2 - OOO " KRASNOYARSKII MYASOKOMBINAT" 660017, Krasnoyarskii Region, Krasnoyarsk City, Mira Avenue, 91 OOO "TEKHMASH" Belgorodskaya Region, Belgorod City, Preobrazhenskaya Street, 106 - OOO "ULTRA" OOO "DELO" 655017, KHakasiya Republic, Abakan City, CHelyuskintsev Street, 25 ZAO "MARTINGAL" 614068, Permskii Region, Perm City, Borchaninova Street, 12 --- OOO "URAL-SERVIS" 426010, Udmurtskaya Republic, Izhevsk City, Azina Street, 4 OOO "ORBITA" 423578, Tatarstan Republic, Nizhnekamskii Area, Nizhnekamsk City, Studencheskaya Street, 11 OOO "TORGOVYI DOM "INDUSTRIYA STROITELSTVA" ZAO "BELGOROD-VOSTOK-SERVIS" 308017, Belgorodskaya Region, Belgorod City, Kooperativnaya Street, 2 - OOO "KORNO" 350000, Krasnodarskii Region, Krasnodar City, Zipovskaya Street, 5 - 666910, Irkutskaya Region, Bodaibo City, Stoyanovicha Street, 18 - OOO "KONTAKT-SERVIS" 680030, KHabarovskii Region, KHabarovsk City, Blyukhera Street, 14 OOO "KVADRAT" 353024, Krasnodarskii Region, Novopokrovskii Area, Novoivanovskaya Stanitsa, Krasnaya Street, 89 OOO "CHARODEI" 400005, Volgogradskaya Region, Volgograd City, im V.I.Lenina Avenue, 86 OOO "SIBPRODUKT" 630559, Novosibirskaya Region, Novosibirskii Area, Koltsovo Industrial community, 14 OOO "REGION-TM" 630033, Novosibirskaya Region, Novosibirsk City, Tyumenskaya Street, 2 OOO "OPTOVIK-SNAB" 390000, Ryazanskaya Region, Ryazan City, Lenina Street, 27

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