This class includes: - Both domestic and foreign trade, including re-sale (sale without transformation) of new and used goods to retailers, industrial, commercial, institutional or professional users or to other wholesalers; Agents involved in the purchase of goods on behalf of such persons or companies, as well as selling merchandise: activities of wholesale merchants, commission agents, brokers, wholesalers sales of industrial products, exporters, importers, purchasing co-operative associations, commodity brokers, agents, wholesalers - buyers as well as cooperative organizations engaged in the sale of agricultural products - Groups 51.2 - 51.7 only include the wholesale trade on its own behalf (at their own expense, without intermediaries) This class also includes: - Transactions related to the wholesale trade: assembling, sorting of large consignments, their division into smaller lots, repackaging, packing and bottling, storage, refrigeration, delivery and installation of goods on own account This class includes: - Wholesale of motor vehicles and motorcycles, see 50.10.1, 50.10.3, 50.40.1, 50.40.3. - Wholesale of parts and accessories for motor vehicles and motorcycles, see 50.30.1, 50.30.3, 50.40.1, 50.40.3. - Rent and lease of goods, see 71.
ZAO "ASP TEKHNIK" 423815,Tatarstan Republic,Naberezhnye CHelny City,SHishkinskii Boulevard,4 OOO "URALKHIMPRODUKT" 614017,Permskii Region,Perm City,Uralskaya Street,93 OOO "INFOTEKHSERVIS" 625016,Tyumenskaya Region,Tyumen City,Respubliki Street,85 OOO "GELIOS-TREID" 454045,CHelyabinskaya Region,CHelyabinsk City,Neftebazovaya Street,1 OOO "STRIM" 305014,Kurskaya Region,Kursk City,Karla Marksa Street,77 OOO TD "ZHBI" 305007,Kurskaya Region,Kursk City,Olshanskogo Street,9 OOO "GARANT" 672000,Zabaikalskii Region,CHita City,Babushkina Street,42 А OOO "LAZURIT" OOO "DIREKT" ZAO "FELIKS-PERM" 630005,Novosibirskaya Region,Novosibirsk City,Krylova Street,36 OOO "AKVALYUKS" 680501,KHabarovskii Region,KHabarovskii Area,Krasnorechenskoe Village,Mostovaya Street,6 OOO "GAZ-AVTO" 633216,Novosibirskaya Region,Iskitimskii Area,Linevo Industrial community,Listvyanskaya Street,1 OOO "VOLGOGRAD-OPTIMUM" 400111,Volgogradskaya Region,Volgograd City,Semipalatinskaya Street,33 А OOO"METALLPROM" 614045,Permskii Region,Perm City,Okulova Street,7 OOO " KRASNOYARSKII MYASOKOMBINAT" 660017,Krasnoyarskii Region,Krasnoyarsk City,Mira Avenue,91 OOO "TEKHMASH" Belgorodskaya Region,Belgorod City,Preobrazhenskaya Street,106 OOO "ULTRA" OOO "TORGOVYI DOM "INDUSTRIYA STROITELSTVA" ZAO "BELGOROD-VOSTOK-SERVIS" 308017,Belgorodskaya Region,Belgorod City,Kooperativnaya Street,2 OOO "KORNO" 350000,Krasnodarskii Region,Krasnodar City,Zipovskaya Street,5 OOO "KONTAKT-SERVIS" 680030,KHabarovskii Region,KHabarovsk City,Blyukhera Street,14 OOO "CHARODEI" 400005,Volgogradskaya Region,Volgograd City,im. V.I. Lenina Avenue,86 OOO "REGION-TM" 630033,Novosibirskaya Region,Novosibirsk City,Tyumenskaya Street,2 OOO "YANTAR" 690039,Primorskii Region,Vladivostok City,Russkaya Street,2А NET 658839,Altaiskii Region,YArovoe City,Barnaulskaya Street,54 OOO "YUTEL" 446450,Samarskaya Region,Pokhvistnevo City,Kuibysheva Street,4 OOO "KOMPANI" 163001,Arkhangelskaya Region,Arkhangelsk City,Lomonosova Avenue,261 OOO "BEREG MECHTY" 350000,Krasnodarskii Region,Krasnodar City,im Volodi Golovatogo Street,585 OOO "FORK" 614000,Permskii Region,Perm City,Lunacharskogo Street,34 OOO"YUG-DIVA" 350062,Krasnodarskii Region,Krasnodar City,im Gertsena Street,190 OOO "IRKUTSKENERGOSERVIS" OOO "TORGOVYI DOM TASHKENT" 614990,Permskii Region,Perm City,Kosmonavtov Highway,111 OOO "GARDARIKA-PERM" 614111,Permskii Region,Perm City,YAblochkova Street,23 OOO "SIBIR-VOSTOK" 692770,Primorskii Region,Artem City,Sakhalinskaya Street,11 OOO "KROVLYA-VK" 394026,Voronezhskaya Region,Voronezh City,Antonova-Ovseenko Street,2 OOO "ORION" 680011,KHabarovskii Region,KHabarovsk City,Metallistov Street,10 OOO "AGROSIBSISTEMY" 644001,Omskaya Region,Omsk City,Lermontova Street,127 1 OOO "AVANGARD" 614010,Permskii Region,Perm City,Geroev KHasana Street,11 NET 658839,Altaiskii Region,YArovoe City,Kulundinskaya Street,1 А OOO "LODZHISTIK SERVIS" 693009,Sakhalinskaya Region,YUzhno-Sakhalinsk City,Nevelskogo Street,52 OOO "RESKOM" 394049,Voronezhskaya Region,Voronezh City,Rabochii Avenue,101 Б OOO "SOYUZ" 644088,Omskaya Region,Omsk City,Energetikov Lane,70 OOO "SHANKHAI" 644010,Omskaya Region,Omsk City,Mayakovskogo Street,81 OOO "LEV" 309512,Belgorodskaya Region,Staryi Oskol City,Koneva Community,6 OOO "KONTSEPT" 426011,Udmurtskaya Republic,Izhevsk City,KHolmogorova Street,11 OOO "OKSS" 460507,Orenburgskaya Region,Orenburgskii Area,Prigorodnyi Village,TSentralnaya Street,2 1 OOO "AVTOLIDERSERVIS" 241520,Bryanskaya Region,Bryanskii Area,Suponevo Village OOO "ALTAIPRODUKT" 681003,KHabarovskii Region,Komsomolsk-na-Amure City,Pervostroitelei Avenue,15 5 OOO " BONUS " 618204,Permskii Region,CHusovoi City,50 let VLKSM Street,2 OOO "AGROTEKHSERVIS" 461780,Orenburgskaya Region,Ponomarevskii Area,Ponomarevka Village,Soluyanova Street,16

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