This class includes: - Passenger and freight transportation on waterways, obey or Scheduled - Operation of excursion, recreational and tourist vessels - Operation of ferries, water taxis, etc. - Towing vessels and other floating means - Transportation using tugs and tugs - barges tugs, floating platforms, rigs, etc. - Renting of vessels, including boats, with crew This class includes: - The activity of restaurants and bars on board ships, see 55.30, 55.40. - Cargo handling, storage of freight, harbor operation and other auxiliary activities (setting the ship to dock, pilotage, loading and unloading of ships by lighterage, salvage vessels, etc.), see 63.
OOO "ARKHANGELSKAYA SUDOKHODNAYA KOMPANIYA" 163000,Arkhangelskaya Region,Arkhangelsk City,Volodarskogo Street,79 2 OOO "TRANZIT-TELEKOM" 180503,Pskovskaya Region,Pskovskii Area,Dubrovo Village,Lugovaya Street,ДОМ 13 OAO "ESKADRA ZNAMENITYKH KORABLEI" 199178,Sankt-Peterburg City,Reki Smolenki Embankment,14 OOO "MORSKOE AGENTSTVO "GRUMANT" 163045,Arkhangelskaya Region,Arkhangelsk City,Severnoi Dviny Embankment,140 OOO "SEVERNYI KORIDOR" 163020,Arkhangelskaya Region,Arkhangelsk City,Nikolskii Avenue,15 1 OOO "TEKHPROGRESS" 105118,Moskva City,Volnaya Street,13 OOO "PROMAKS" 443063,Samarskaya Region,Samara City,Novo-Vokzalnaya Street,38/19 OOO "NORDVEG TM" 198035,Sankt-Peterburg City,Dvinskaya Street,16 2 OOO "PARITET" 191119,Sankt-Peterburg City,Tyushina Street,11 OOO "YUNIFRAKHT" 195027,Sankt-Peterburg City,Bolsheokhtinskii Avenue,5 ЛИТЕР А OOO "KOMPANIYA AVRORA" 183010,Murmanskaya Region,Murmansk City,Tralovaya Street,12А OOO "KEI EM TREID" 685007,Magadanskaya Region,Magadan City,Osnovnaya trassa 4 Kilometer,ЧАСТЬ СКЛАДА СПИРТОХРАНИЛИЩА OOO "UK "REKA-MORE" 344002,Rostovskaya Region,Rostov-na-Donu City,Semashko Lane,3 OOO "BALTRECHFLOT" 198095,Sankt-Peterburg City,Stachek Avenue,22 ЛИТЕР А OOO "TELEKOMSTROI" 140090,Moskovskaya Region,Dzerzhinskii City,Lesnaya Street,4 OOO "KHAAR" 192019,Sankt-Peterburg City,Sedova Street,ДОМ 12 ЛИТЕР А OOO "POMOR-SERVIS" OOO "ROSTRA" 194017,Sankt-Peterburg City,Gdanskaya Street,ДОМ 15 ЛИТЕР А OOO "POSLEDNYAYA MILYA" 241030,Bryanskaya Region,Bryansk City,Molodoi Gvardii Street,88 OOO "MOREKHOD" 347900,Rostovskaya Region,Taganrog City,Solnechnaya Street,2 А ZAO "MORTRANSSERVIS" 127051,Moskva City,Rakhmanovskii Lane,4 СТР.1 OOO "A.V.M. AERO" 119049,Moskva City,Leninskii Avenue,1 OOO "STARIK I MORE" 685000,Magadanskaya Region,Magadan City,Liteinaya Street,8 OOO "KOROLEVSKIE TELESISTEMY" 127106,Moskva City,Gostinichnaya Street,3 11 OAO "INFOSETI" 121069,Moskva City,Stolovyi Lane,6 СТР.2 OOO "LAGUNA" 644041,Omskaya Region,Omsk City,ZHeleznodorozhnaya 1-ya Street,3 OOO"ITS, MORSERVIS KATAMARAN" 107061,Moskva City,Preobrazhenskii Val Street,24 1 OOO "ATLANTIKA" 350059,Krasnodarskii Region,Krasnodar City,Taganrogskaya Street,ДОМ 22/1 OOO "DALRIFER-KRYUING" 690001,Primorskii Region,Vladivostok City,Pushkinskaya Street,22 OOO "PROFITEL" 105062,Moskva City,Makarenko Street,4 OOO "SEL MARITAIM SERVISES" 107076,Moskva City,Kolodeznyi Lane,14 OOO "NSK" 414057,Astrakhanskaya Region,Astrakhan City,Rozhdestvenskogo Street,5 OOO "TRANSFLOT-AERO" 194352,Sankt-Peterburg City,Prosvescheniya Avenue,50 OOO "LINDA" 142100,Moskovskaya Region,Podolsk City,Bolshaya Zelenovskaya Street,8 - OOO "VESTLAN" 121087,Moskva City,Novozavodskaya Street,12А OOO "KMA" 197760,Sankt-Peterburg City,Kronshtadt City,Lenina Avenue,12 OOO "ENKORD" 690000,Primorskii Region,Vladivostok City,Pologaya Street,68 OOO "KOMPLEKT-LOGISTIKA" 127030,Moskva City,Dolgorukovskaya Street,29 ZAO "AMTKOM" 119049,Moskva City,Leninskii Avenue,ДОМ 3 OOO "PROMTORGKOMP" 105094,Moskva City,Golyanovskaya Street,3А 3 ZAO "OBORONPORT" 187320,Leningradskaya Region,Kirovskii Area,SHlisselburg City,Staroladozhskii kanal Street,5 OOO "FRAKHT SHIPPING" 414024,Astrakhanskaya Region,Astrakhan City,Mozdokskaya Street,53 ЛИТЕР О OOO "INSAIDER TRANS" 692906,Primorskii Region,Nakhodka City,Sverdlova Street,45 OOO "DALNEVOSTOCHNAYA MORSKAYA KOMPANIYA" 690007,Primorskii Region,Vladivostok City,Morskaya 1-ya Street,20 OOO "TETRAS" 690002,Primorskii Region,Vladivostok City,Krugovaya 1-ya Street,25А OOO "MTA LOGISTIKA" 197760,Sankt-Peterburg City,Kronshtadt City,Posadskaya Street,41 ЛИТЕР А OOO "FMG SHIPMENEDZHMENT" 190103,Sankt-Peterburg City,Lermontovskii Avenue,43/1 OOO "NORDFLOT" 163000,Arkhangelskaya Region,Arkhangelsk City,Serafimovicha Street,ДОМ 14 OOO FORMULA PREKRASNYKH EKSPEDITOROV 197136,Sankt-Peterburg City,Lenina Street,44 ЛИТЕРА А OOO "SOLID-KARGO" 197349,Sankt-Peterburg City,Koroleva Avenue,24 ЛИТЕР А

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