This class includes: - Resale (sale without transformation) of new and used goods for personal or household consumption or utilization, by shops, department stores, stalls, businesses of postal trade, persons engaged in the delivery of goods under the terms of door-to-door traders, consumer cooperatives, and so on. d. Retail trade is classified first by type of retail businesses (retail trade in stores Versatile range - groups with 47.1 on 47.7, retail stores - grouping with 47.8 by 47.9). Retail trade in food goods stores includes the retail sales of goods, second-hand (group 47.79). For retail sales in department stores continue to distinguish retail sale in specialized stores (grouping with 47.2 on 47.7) and retail sale in non-specialized stores (group 47.1). The above groups are further subdivided on the range of products sold. Sale not via a variety of goods stores is subdivided according to the forms of trade, such as retail sale via stalls and markets (group 47.8) and other retail sale not in department stores, such as trade in the mail, with continuous delivery of goods through vending machines and so on. d. (Group 47.9). The range of products of this group is limited to goods usually referred to as consumer goods or retail goods. Therefore goods not usually sold in the retail trade, such as cereal grains, ores, industrial machinery etc. not included in this group This class also includes: - Retail sale of such products as personal computers, stationery, paint or timber, although these products may not be applicable for personal or household purposes. Traditionally used in the trade of goods processing does not affect the basic characteristics of the goods and may include, for example, only their sorting, separation, mixing and packaging This class also includes: - Retail sale by commission agents and activities of retail of retail auction houses
OOO "TEKHNIKA DLYA SKLADA - M" 125212, Moskva город, бульвар Kronshtadtskii, 9 OOO "STARTEKS-TEKHNO" 127521, Moskva город, проезд Marinoi Roschi 8-i, 30 2 TOGUCHINSKOE RAIPO 633454, Novosibirskaya область, район Toguchinskii, город Toguchin, улица Dzerzhinskogo, 10 DOLZHANSKOE RAIPO 303760, Orlovskaya область, район Dolzhanskii, поселок городского типа Dolgoe, улица Sverdlova, 1 OOO "FIRMA "AVALON" 680026, KHabarovskii край, город KHabarovsk, улица Boiko-Pavlova, 3 OOO "FITING-OPT" 350001, Krasnodarskii край, город Krasnodar, улица im Furmanova, 1 OOO "MAGAZIN № 31" 692778, Primorskii край, город Artem, улица Mikhailovskaya, 4 OOO "RADA" ICHP A.A.SEROPYAN "METRONOM" 354000, Krasnodarskii край, город Sochi, район TSentralnyi, улица Poperechnaya, 4 ZAO "AVEGA" 680000, KHabarovskii край, город KHabarovsk, улица Leningradskaya, 59 OOO "PTITSEVOD-97" 362011, Severnaya Osetiya - Alaniya республика, город Vladikavkaz, улица Telmana, 47А OOO "RAITA" 186120, Kareliya республика, район Pryazhinskii, поселок городского типа Pryazha, улица Stroitelnaya, 6 TETYUSHSKOE RAIPO 422370, Tatarstan республика, район Tetyushskii, город Tetyushi, улица Gorkogo, 7 - OOO "RASSVET" 461170, Orenburgskaya область, район Tashlinskii, село Tashla, улица Dovzhenko, 31 А OOO "START" 195030, Sankt-Peterburg город, проспект Entuziastov, 46 OOO "MAKKABI" 191015, Sankt-Peterburg город, улица Tverskaya, 8 OOO "RUSSKIE SITTSY" 426006, Udmurtskaya республика, город Izhevsk, улица Klubnaya, 40 OOO "FODEKS" OOO "ZASTROISCHIK" 309996, Belgorodskaya область, район Valuiskii, город Valuiki, улица Lunacharskogo, 13 А TPO "KOOPERATOR" CHIKSKOGO POSPO 632662, Novosibirskaya область, район Kochenevskii, рабочий поселок CHik, улица Komsomolskaya, 6 OOO "EDNA" 191014, Sankt-Peterburg город, переулок Baskov, 13 OOO "VEGA" 350040, Krasnodarskii край, город Krasnodar, улица KIM, 190 1 OOO "RADON" 350001, Krasnodarskii край, город Krasnodar, улица im Furmanova, 1 OOO "UDACHA-PLYUS" 354340, Krasnodarskii край, город Sochi, район Adlerskii, улица Ulyanova, 61 OOO "CHEGEMSKII VINPISCHEPROM" 361401, Kabardino-Balkarskaya республика, район CHegemskii, город CHegem, улица Geroya Rossii Kyarova A.S., 34 - OOO "KARAT" 678960, Sakha /YAkutiya/ республика, город Neryungri, улица im Kravchenko, 11 OOO "MEGA TEKHNOLOGII" 620014, Sverdlovskaya область, город Ekaterinburg, улица Popova, 10 OOO "OKTAN" 442150, Penzenskaya область, район Nizhnelomovskii, город Nizhnii Lomov, улица Moskovskaya, 19 OOO "BUDUSCHEE" 368124, Dagestan республика, город Kizilyurt, улица G.TSadasa, 72 OOO "REGION 78" 197371, Sankt-Peterburg город, проспект Koroleva, 39 2 OOO"GEIDELBERG -SNG" 125493, Moskva город, улица Smolnaya, 14 OOO "SIBIR-SPETSLAIN" 197229, Sankt-Peterburg город, проспект Lakhtinskii, 65 OOO "BIOS" 423578, Tatarstan республика, район Nizhnekamskii, город Nizhnekamsk, проспект KHimikov, 30А OOO "BULOCHNAYA IZYUMINKA" 127081, Moskva город, улица Zapovednaya, ДОМ 18 КОРПУС 3 OOO "ERST" 445030, Samarskaya область, город Tolyatti, улица 40 let Pobedy, 15Г ZAO "ELT-S" Moskva город, улица Bratislavskaya, 15 КОРПУС 1 ZAO "PLAIS" OOO FIRMA "INTERKOM" 113054, Moskva город, переулок Monetchikovskii 1-i, 3 OOO "MEGANOM" OOO "NEVA-LAIN" 195274, Sankt-Peterburg город, улица Demyana Bednogo, 3 OOO "SERVIS-NN" 630078, Novosibirskaya область, город Novosibirsk, улица Parkhomenko, 2 OOO IM.MICHURINA 214532, Smolenskaya область, район Smolenskii, деревня Divasy, улица Michurina, 23 OOO "SVYAZ PLYUS" 394065, Voronezhskaya область, город Voronezh, проспект Patriotov, ДОМ 1Е OOO "PAN SPORTSMEN" 129323, Moskva город, проезд Lazorevyi, 6 LIDER 191104, Sankt-Peterburg город, улица Mayakovskogo, 52 А OOO "TONAR" 614031, Permskii край, город Perm, улица Kostycheva, 36 OOO "KONTINENT-SVYAZ" 191123, Sankt-Peterburg город, улица Ryleeva, 21 ЛИТ.А OOO "T.D. ALTAIR" 614097, Permskii край, город Perm, улица Selskaya, 2 OOO "BUTIK "FRANTSUZSKAYA GALEREYA" 191186, Sankt-Peterburg город, улица Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 2 OOO "YUGSTROIKOMPLEKS" 350033, Krasnodarskii край, город Krasnodar, улица Stavropolskaya, ДОМ 4

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