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Additional economic activities

68.31 Activities of real estate agencies on a fee or contract basis

This class includes:
- Providing agency services for the real estate: the provision of mediation services in buying, selling and renting real estate, providing consulting services for buying, selling and renting of immovable property;
- Activities surety agents
This class includes:
- Activities in the field of law, see 69.10.

82.99 Activities to provide other support services to businesses, not elsewhere classified

This class includes:
- Activities in the field of transcription and interpretation of written materials such as courtroom stenography, shorthand public services;
- Overlay subtitles on live TV, reporting on meetings and conferences;
- Service Application address codes;
- Services barcode printing;
- The organization of payment collection services on a fee or contract basis;
- Recovery services property rights;
- Work to ensure the functioning of the coin counter of parking time;
- Activities of independent auctioneers;
- Organizing programs to attract customers;
- Other auxiliary activities, not included in other categories
This class includes:
- Provision of services by rewriting documents, see 82.19;.
- The supply of films and video titles or subtitles, see 59.12.

66.22 Activities of insurance agents and brokers

This class includes:
- Activities of insurance agents and brokers (insurance intermediaries) in selling, negotiating or requests insurance and reinsurance policies

70.22 Advice on business and management

This class includes:
- Provision of consulting services;
- Issuing recommendations and providing operational assistance to businesses and other organizations in the field of management, such as corporate strategic and operational planning, restructuring of production processes, management optimization, cost reduction and other financial issues, marketing objectives and policies, practices and planning work with the staff, compensation and pension strategies, planning and production management
The provision of these services to companies or other organizations may include counseling, issuing recommendations and assistance in the following areas:
- Development of procedures and methods of accounting, cost accounting programs, budgeting;
- Advice and assistance to businesses and other organizations in the field of planning, organization, efficiency and control management information, etc.
This class includes:
- The development of accounting software systems, see 62.01;.
- Legal advice and mediation, see 69.10;.
- Accounting and auditing, taxation advice, see 69.20;.
- Consulting on construction and architecture, see 71.11, 71.12,.
- Consultancy in the field of ecology, agronomy, security and similar counseling activities, see 74.90;.
- Advice on the placement or recruitment, see 78.10;.
- Educational counseling, see 85.60.

62.01 The development of computer software

This class includes:
- Development, modernization, testing and supporting software
This class includes:
- Development of the structure and content, and / or writing the computer programs needed to create and implement this task, including: systems software (including updates and patches) software applications (including updates and patches), databases , web-pages;
- Software configuration, ie, modification and customization of an existing application so that it works as part of the customer information system
This class includes:
- Publishing software packages, see 58.29;.
- Translation or adaptation of general use software for a particular market on own account, see 58.29;.
- Planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and data transfer technology, even with the provision of software as an integral part, see 62.02.

62.02 Activities and advisory work in the field of computer technology

This class includes:
- Planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and data transmission technology
Services can include the appropriate user training
This class includes:
- Sale of computer hardware or software, see 46.51, 47.41,.
- Installation of mainframe computers and analog computers, see 33.20;.
- The installation (setup) of personal computers, see 62.09;.
- Installation of software to restore your computer after a failure, see 62.09.

81.10 Activity in maintenance of premises

This class includes:
- Comprehensive services in terms of customer service premises
These services include:
- Cleaning the interior of buildings of all types, repair, protection, waste management, routing and mail reception, laundry and related services
These actions are performed by personnel participating or not participating in the core business or activities of the client
This class includes:
- Providing one of the support services (eg, cleaning the interior of Service) or provide a single function (eg heating), see the corresponding group according to the services provided;.
- Provision of management services to fully meet customer viability of the Company, such as hotel, restaurant, mine, or hospital, see the group operated in accordance with the organization;.
- Administration site and function client computer systems and / or data processing means, 62.03 cm;.
- Management of correctional facilities on a fee or contract basis, see 84.23.

81.21 Activities for the general cleaning of buildings

This class includes:
- General (non-specialized) cleaning of all types of buildings: offices, houses or apartments, factories; shops, establishments;
- General (non-specialized) cleaning of other business and professional premises and multi-unit residential buildings
This includes mainly cleaning the interior of buildings, although it may include cleaning the adjacent outdoor facilities, such as windows and aisles
This class includes:
- Specialized cleaning activities, such as washing windows, chimney cleaning, cleaning of chimneys, fireplaces, stoves, furnaces, incinerators, boilers, ventilation ducts, exhaust fans, see 81.22.

81.22 Activities cleaning of residential buildings and non-residential premises other

This class includes:
- Cleaning the interior of buildings of all types, including offices, offices, factories, shops, institutions and other business and professional offices and apartment buildings;
- Cleaning chimneys, fireplaces, stoves, furnaces, incinerators, boilers, ventilation ducts, exhaust fans;
- Cleaning of the production equipment;
- Other activities cleaning of buildings and industrial facilities
This class includes:
- Vapor-jet and sandblasting facades of buildings, see 43.99.

66.11.5 Activities by definition of mutual obligations (clearing)

This class includes:
- Work on any kind of clearing

69.10 Legal activities

This class includes:
- Representing the interests of one side against the other party in the courts or other courts: advice and representation in civil cases, advice and representation in criminal cases, advice and representation in connection with labor disputes;
- Provide guidance and advice on general issues, including the preparation of legal documents: certificates of registration of companies, leasing companies and other similar documents relating to the establishment and activities of companies, patents and copyright certificates; legal documents (wills, powers of attorney, etc.);
- Work of public notaries, notaries in civil matters, bailiffs, arbitrators, persons appointed by the court to remove the evidence, arbitrators, patent attorneys
This class includes:
- Activities of vessels, see 84.23.

69.20 Service activities in the field of accounting, auditing for financial holding, tax consulting

This class includes:
- Activities of management (restoration) of accounting, including the drawing up of accounting (financial) statements, accounting consulting;
- Work on the audit of accounting (financial) institutions and the provision of audit-related services provided by audit firms and individual auditors;
- Tax advice and representation of clients in tax authorities, including the preparation of tax documents
This class includes:
- Processing and formation of aggregated data, see 63.11;.
- Management consulting, associated with the accounting systems, budget control procedures, see 70.22;.
- Recovery of payments on account, see 82.91.

82.11 Activities of administrative and economic complex to ensure the work of the organization

This class includes:
- Complete daily administrative services on a fee or contract basis, such as reception services, financial planning, registration, billing, management personnel and email messaging, etc.
This class includes:
- Providing only one of the services corresponding to this service, see moiety;.
- Personnel without their guidance, see 78.

66.19 Activities auxiliary to other financial services, except insurance and pension funding

This class includes:
- Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation, not classified in other categories, such as activities for the processing of financial transactions and payments, including transactions on payment cards, activities to provide advisory services on investment, the activities of mortgage advisers and brokers
This class also includes:
- Activities to provide mediation services in the field of guarantees, asset management and securities custody fee or contract basis;
- Activity to receive payments from individuals paying agents (legal entities or individual entrepreneurs) and bank payment agents (organizations that are not credit institutions and individual entrepreneurs)

82.19 Activities for photocopying and document preparation and other specialized support activities to ensure the activity of the office

This class includes:
- Copying, document preparation and other specialized support activities to support the functioning of the organization
Includes in it the activity of copying and printing documents is short-term
This class includes:
- Preparation of documents;
- Editing or proofreading documents;
- Typing and word processing;
- Secretarial services;
- Rewriting of documents, and other secretarial services;
- Writing letters and resumes;
- Rental services of mailboxes and other mail and parcel services, such as pre-sorting, writing addresses, etc .;
- Photocopy;
- Production of duplicates;
- Photocopying;
- Other document copying services (without printing services such as offset printing, quick printing, digital printing, pre-press services)
This class includes:
- Printing of documents (offset printing, quick printing etc.), see 18.12;.
- Provision of pre-press services, see 18.13;.
- Developing and organizing mail advertising campaigns, see 73.11;.
- Activities in the field of transcription and mail, see 82.99;.
- Public stenography services, see 82.99.

58.29 Publication of other software products

This class includes:
- Publication of the shelf software products (common software), including translation or adaptation of general use software for a particular market on own account: operating systems, business applications and other applications
This class includes:
- Playback software, see 18.20;.
- Retail sale of ready-made software, see 47.41;.
- Production of software not associated with publishing, including translation or adaptation of general use software for specific applications, on a fee or contract basis, see 62.01;.
- Providing an interactive software (providing application hosting, providing applications), see 63.11.

63.91 News agency activities

This class includes:
- Activities of news agencies: collection, processing of information, production and distribution of news, photos and other information, to provide scientific, technical, legal, statistical, socio-economic, financial, commercial, industrial and other information;
- The activities of journalists and photographers
This class includes:
- Activities of independent photojournalists, see 74.20;.
- Activities of independent journalists, see 90.03.

77.39 Renting and leasing of other modes of transport, equipment and tangible goods nec

This class includes:
- Rental and lease of other car transport and equipment without operator, used as industrial means of production: engines and turbines; machine tools, mining and oilfield equipment, professional radio and television equipment, and communications equipment, equipment for the production of films, test equipment, other machinery and equipment of scientific and industrial applications;
- Rent and ground rent vehicles with operator (except cars): motorcycles, trucks and trailers for housing, etc., rail transport
This class also includes:
- Rent housing and offices;
- Renting of animals (eg herds, race horses);
- Rental and leasing of containers;
- Hire and rental pallets

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