Status: Active
PSRN:Primary State Registration Number 1177746469812
Registration date: 11.05.2017
ITN:Individual Taxpayer Number 9723028533
RRC:Registration reason code 772301001
Legal form:All-Russian Classifier of Organizational-Legal Forms 12300 Общества с ограниченной ответственностью
Legal address: 109559, Moskva город, улица Marshala Kozheduba, ДОМ 16 КОРПУС 1
Registrator: 7723 Инспекция Федеральной налоговой службы № 23 по г.Москве

Legal address

Region: Moskva город
Street: улица Marshala Kozheduba
House: ДОМ 16
Building: КОРПУС 1
Flat: КВАРТИРА 158
Postal index: 109559
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Founder Part
1 GASANOV ZAKIR MAMEDGUSEINOVICH ITN 772394967092 10,000.00 (50.00%)
2 ZEINALOV NAZIM ALIEVICH ITN 054207103234 10,000.00 (50.00%)

Economic activity (view all)

58.11.2 Издание книг, брошюр, рекламных буклетов и аналогичных изданий, включая издание словарей и энциклопедий на электронных носителях
59.20 Activities in the field of sound recording and music publishing This class includes: - Production of the original audio products such as sound recordings and video recordings on magnetic, electronic and digital media; - The activity of advertising and the production of audio products; - Wholesale or retail sale or direct sale to consumers This activity can be combined with the release of the original matrix (master copies) in the same organization (otherwise the organization carrying out this activity, is to get the right to reproduce and distribute master copies) This class also includes: - Recording services in the studio (or in another room), including the production of taped (ie not going to live) radio; - The activity of music publishing, ie activities in the acquisition and registration of copyright in the musical composition, advertising, authorization and use of these compositions for the record, on the radio, on television, in the movies, concerts, print and other media (organizations engaged in such activities may own the copyright or act as administrators of the copyright to the music on behalf of the copyright owners), and the publication of music and music books
59.20.1 The publication of audiovisual products on magnetic, electronic and digital media
59.20.2 Activity recording studios
61.10 Activities in the field of communication on the basis of wired technologies This class includes: - The provision of telecommunications services using wired infrastructure networks: access to link the provision of telephone connections, services of data transmission network, providing access to information and communication on the Internet, the provision of telecommunication services for cable broadcasting, communication services for wired purposes radio broadcasting and alert, providing telegraph services, the provision of rental services channels, rendering of services on connection of networks and traffic service This class includes: - Operation and maintenance of wireline communication infrastructure for the provision of telecommunication services transmission means by which these activities may be based on a single technology or a combination thereof, including with the use of radio relay and satellite communication lines and means of subscriber radio This class also includes: - The purchase of rights of access and network capacity from owners and operators of networks and providing, using this capacity, wireline services to enterprises and households; - Activities of TV and radio channels broadcast through cable television and radio broadcasting or using information and communication on the Internet; - Activities of TV and radio channels to form packets for later broadcast on cable networks broadcasting, wire broadcasting, or using information and communication on the Internet This class includes: - The resale of telecommunications services, see 61.90.
85.41.2 Education in the field of culture This class includes: - Providing training in the arts, drama and music Organizations providing such training can have the school name, studio, classes, etc. They provide training grants, mainly as a hobby, for recreation and for the purpose of self-development and completion of such training is not a professional diploma is issued, will not be awarded a Bachelor of Education degree or another This class includes: - Lessons with a teacher on piano and other musical instruments; - Art schools; - Dance classes and studios; - Theater groups, schools (except academic); - Fine arts schools (except academic); - Schools of different types of arts (except academic); - Schools for training photographers (except chargeable) This class includes: - Lessons in foreign languages
72.20.1 Research and development in the field of social sciences

Registration in Pension Fund

Number: 087502025143
Date: 12.05.2017
Code: 087502

Registration in Social Insurance Fund

Number: 771907669677191
Date: 15.05.2017
Code: 7719

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