Status: Active
PSRN:Primary State Registration Number 1187232020360
Registration date: 14.08.2018
ITN:Individual Taxpayer Number 7203456024
RRC:Registration reason code 720301001
Legal form:All-Russian Classifier of Organizational-Legal Forms 12300 Общества с ограниченной ответственностью
Legal address: 625001, Tyumenskaya область, город Tyumen, улица Sadovaya, ДОМ 133
Registrator: 7203 Инспекция Федеральной налоговой службы по г. Тюмени № 3

Legal address

Region: Tyumenskaya область
City: город Tyumen
Street: улица Sadovaya
House: ДОМ 133
Postal index: 625001
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Founder Part
1 BELOSLUDTSEV ALEKSEI VLADISLAVOVICH ITN 723003003631 2,900.00 (29.00%)
2 MADYAROVA TATYANA VALENTINOVNA ITN 451301488604 5,100.00 (51.00%)
3 NARODITSKAYA ALEKSANDRA FAILEVNA ITN 720322939118 2,000.00 (20.00%)

Economic activity (view all)

58.11.2 Издание книг, брошюр, рекламных буклетов и аналогичных изданий, включая издание словарей и энциклопедий на электронных носителях
01.70 Hunting, trapping and shooting of wild animals, including rendering of services in these areas This class includes: - Hunting, trapping and shooting for commercial purposes; - Trapping and killing of animals for food, hides, leather, or for research purposes, in zoos or as pets; - Production of fur and skin of reptiles, birds from hunting or trapping animals This class also includes: - Ground catching of marine mammals such as walrus and seal This class includes: - Production of fur and skin of reptiles, birds as a result of breeding animals on farms, see 01.49;. - Breeding of wild animals on the farm, see 01.4;. - Trapping and shooting of whales, see 03.11;. - The processing of hides and skins from slaughterhouses, see 10.11;. - Sports and amateur hunting and rendering of services in these areas, see 93.19;. - The provision of services in order to promote hunting, trapping and shooting of wild animals, see 94.99.
46.12 Activities in wholesale trade of fuel, ores, metals and industrial chemicals Agents This class includes: - Wholesale trade, carried out by the agents involved in the sale of fuels, ores, metals, chemicals, including fertilizers This class includes: - Wholesale trade in own name, see 46.2 - 46.9.; - Retail sale by commission agents in stores, see 47.99.
46.18 Agents specialized in the wholesale trade of other particular products This class includes: - Wholesale trade in own name, see 46.2 - 46.9.; - Retail sale by commission agents in stores, see 47.99;. - Activities of insurance agents, see 66.22;. - Agents involved in the real estate, see 68.31.
46.63 Wholesale trade of machinery for mining, quarrying and construction
46.73 Wholesale trade of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment This class includes: - Wholesale trade in raw wood; - Wholesale of products of primary processing of timber; - Wholesale of paints and varnishes; - Wholesale trade in building materials such as sand, gravel; - Wholesale of wallpaper and floor coverings; - Wholesale of flat glass; - Wholesale of sanitary equipment, including bathtubs, sinks, toilets and other plumbing fixtures; - Wholesale of prefabricated buildings
47.71 Retailing of clothing in specialized stores This class includes: - Retail sale of articles of clothing; - Retail sale of fur products; - Retail sale of clothing accessories such as gloves, ties, braces, etc. This class includes: - Retail sale of textiles, see 47.51.
38.32 Recovery of sorted materials This class includes: - Processing of metal and non-metal waste, garbage, and other articles into secondary raw materials, usually with the use of process mechanical or chemical processing Metal waste includes waste and scrap of ferrous and non-ferrous metals (including precious), non-metallic - waste rubber, textiles, paper and cardboard, precious stones, waste and scrap of plastic, glass, and other non-metal waste and scrap. The grouping processing is enabled from the waste materials in the form: first, separating and sorting recoverable materials from non-hazardous waste streams (ie rotting garbage) or, secondly, separating and sorting mixed regenerable materials such as metals, paper, plastics, used beverage cans from Examples of mechanical or chemical recycling processes are: - Mechanical crushing of metal waste from used cars, washing machines, bicycles, etc .; - Mechanical reduction of large iron pieces such as railway wagons; - Shredding of metal waste, motor vehicles, end of life, etc .; - Other machining methods, such as squeezing, pressing to reduce the volume; - Extracting metals from photographic waste paper such as photographic film and This class includes: - Manufacture of new final products from (actually produced) secondary raw materials, such as twisted yarn of the available stock, production of pulp from waste paper, waste tire treads and metal manufacture of metal scrap, see the relevant groups in Section C (MANUFACTURING). - Reprocessing of nuclear fuels, see 20.13;. - Melted iron waste and scrap, see 24.10;. - Obtaining of secondary raw materials in the process of combustion or oxidation, 38.2 cm;. - Treatment and disposal of non-hazardous waste, see 38.21;. - Treatment of organic waste for disposal, including production of compost, see 38.21;. - Energy recovery (energy waste disposal) in the process of burning non-hazardous waste, see 38.21;. - Treatment and disposal of transition radioactive waste of hospitals etc., see 38.22;. - Treatment and disposal of toxic, contaminated waste, see 38.22;. - The wholesale trade of secondary raw material, see 46.77.

Registration in Pension Fund

Number: 082001034584
Date: 16.08.2018
Code: 082001

Registration in Social Insurance Fund

Number: 720106493572011
Date: 16.08.2018
Code: 7201

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