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42.11 Строительство автомобильных дорог и автомагистралей

Эта группировка включает:
- строительство автомагистралей, автомобильных дорог, в том числе улично-дорожных сетей, тротуаров и пешеходных дорожек, а также элементов их обустройства;
- устройство дорожных одежд и покрытий на автомобильных дорогах, в том числе улично-дорожных сетей, мостов или тоннелей;
- устройство дорожной вертикальной и горизонтальной разметки;
- установку дорожных ограждений, сигнальных столбиков и дорожных знаков;
- строительно-монтажные и пусконаладочные работы по оснащению инженерно-техническими средствами (системами) обеспечения транспортной безопасности;
- строительство взлетно-посадочных полос аэродромов
Эта группировка не включает:
- установку уличного освещения и светофоров, см. 43.21;
- выполнение архитектурных, проектных, инженерных работ, инженерных изысканий, см. 71.1;
- управление проектами строительства, выполнение строительного контроля и авторского надзора, см. 71.1

Additional economic activities

46.73 Wholesale trade of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment

This class includes:
- Wholesale trade in raw wood;
- Wholesale of products of primary processing of timber;
- Wholesale of paints and varnishes;
- Wholesale trade in building materials such as sand, gravel;
- Wholesale of wallpaper and floor coverings;
- Wholesale of flat glass;
- Wholesale of sanitary equipment, including bathtubs, sinks, toilets and other plumbing fixtures;
- Wholesale of prefabricated buildings

42.99 Construction of other civil engineering projects nec

This class includes:
- Construction of industrial facilities except buildings, such as nefteperabatyvayuschie, chemical plants;
- Construction work, other than the construction of facilities such as outdoor sports facilities;
- Division and landscaping (eg, construction of additional roads, utility infrastructure etc.)
This class includes:
- Installation of industrial machinery, see 33.20;.
- Demarcation of land without improvement, see 68.10;.
- Engineering and design activities of technical consultants in the relevant fields, see 71.12.

43.11 Demolition of buildings

This class includes:
- Demolition of buildings and structures

43.12 Site preparation work

This class includes:
- Clearing the construction site, excavation works, including: excavation, removal of debris, alignment and layout of construction sites, work on digging trenches, removal of stones, etc .;
- Site preparation for the development and mining of mineral resources, except oil and gas sites
This class also includes:
- Building site drainage

46.74 Wholesale trade of hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and supplies

This class includes
- Wholesale of hardware and locks;
- Wholesale of fastening devices;
- Wholesale heaters;
- Wholesale of component parts for sanitary equipment such as pipes, tubes, fittings, valves, tees, couplings, rubber hoses;
- Wholesale of tools such as hammers, screwdrivers and other hand tools

49.42 Provision of transport

This class includes:
- Transportation services by road transport, provided at moving individuals and legal entities

41.20 Construction of residential and non-residential buildings

This class includes:
- Construction of all types of residential buildings, such as: single and multifamily, including high-rise buildings;
- Construction of all types of non-residential buildings, such as buildings for industrial production, eg factories, workshops, factories, etc., hospitals, schools, office buildings, hotels, shops, shopping malls, restaurants, the airport building and the spaceport, indoor sports facilities, garages, including underground garages for car parking, warehouse, religious buildings;
- Assembly and erection of prefabricated constructions on the construction site;
- Reconstruction or repair of existing residential and non-residential buildings, as well as sports facilities
This class includes:
- Construction of industrial facilities, except buildings, see 42.99;.
- Implementation of architectural and engineering activities, see 71.1;.
- Project management of construction, see 71.1.

43.29 Manufacture of other civil and erection works

This class includes:
- Installation (assembly) equipment, in addition to heating and air conditioning systems, or engineering equipment in buildings and structures of civil engineering
This class includes:
- Installation (assembly) in buildings or facilities: elevators, escalators, including repair and maintenance, automated and revolving doors, lightning, air purification systems, thermal, sound or vibration insulation
This class includes:
- Installation in buildings and facilities engineering equipment, see 33.20.

52.29 Activities auxiliary equipment related to transportation

This class includes:
- Forwarding of goods;
- The preparation or organization of cargo transportation by land, sea or air transport;
- The organization sending shipments or shipments piece of land, air or water transport (including collection and distribution of goods);
- Preparation of transport documents and waybills;
- The provision of services of customs brokers;
- Activities of sea-freight forwarders and air transport;
- Brokerage operations under the freight of cargo space on a ship or an airplane;
- Cargo handling, such as temporary packaging in boxes in order to protect the goods during transport, unloading, sampling and weighting of the goods
This class includes:
- The activity of postal and courier activities, see 53;.
- Activities related to the insurance of land, water, air and space vehicles, see 65.12;.
- Activities of tour operators and travel agencies, see 79.11, 79.12,.
- Activities related to the promotion tour, see 79.90.

68.20 Renting and operating of own or leased real estate

This class includes:
- Renting and operating of own or leased real estate: apartment buildings and other residential buildings, flats, non-residential buildings and premises, including the exhibition halls and warehouses, land plots;
- Leasing houses, furnished and unfurnished apartments or apartment buildings, designed for longer stays, typically on a monthly or annual basis
This class also includes:
- Construction of buildings for their own use;
- Operation of parking lots for mobile homes

46.90 Wholesale trade in specialized stores

This class includes:
- Wholesale of a variety of goods without any particular specialization

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