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64.92 Providing loans and other types of credit

This class includes:
- Activities of financial services (ie the provision of cash institutions not involved in monetary intermediation in cases where the granting of credit can take a variety of forms, such as loans, mortgages, credit cards, etc.)
This class includes:
- Activities to provide the following services: the provision of consumer credit, international trade financing, the provision of industrial banks, long-term finance industry, providing cash loan that is not associated with the banking system, loans for the purchase of specialized agencies of the houses do not take deposits, provision of pawnshops and moneylenders
This class includes:
- Lending for house purchase by specialized institutions that take deposits, see 64.19;.
- Operational leasing, leasing according to the type of goods, 77 cm;.
- Providing for the grant of rights of media in membership organizations, see 94.99.

Additional economic activities

66.19 Activities auxiliary to other financial services, except insurance and pension funding

This class includes:
- Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation, not classified in other categories, such as activities for the processing of financial transactions and payments, including transactions on payment cards, activities to provide advisory services on investment, the activities of mortgage advisers and brokers
This class also includes:
- Activities to provide mediation services in the field of guarantees, asset management and securities custody fee or contract basis;
- Activity to receive payments from individuals paying agents (legal entities or individual entrepreneurs) and bank payment agents (organizations that are not credit institutions and individual entrepreneurs)

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