Status: Active
PSRN:Primary State Registration Number 1188617018996
Registration date: 26.12.2018
ITN:Individual Taxpayer Number 8617036749
RRC:Registration reason code 861701001
Legal form:All-Russian Classifier of Organizational-Legal Forms 12300 Общества с ограниченной ответственностью
Legal address: 628449, KHanty-Mansiiskii Avtonomnyi okrug - YUgra автономный округ, район Surgutskii, город Lyantor, микрорайон 5-i, ДОМ 2/1
Registrator: 8617 Инспекция Федеральной налоговой службы по Сургутскому району Ханты-Мансийского автономного округа - Югры

Legal address

Region: KHanty-Mansiiskii Avtonomnyi okrug - YUgra автономный округ
Area: район Surgutskii
City: город Lyantor
Street: микрорайон 5-i
House: ДОМ 2/1
Postal index: 628449
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Founder Part
1 PANKOVA TATYANA ANATOLEVNA ITN 861706002932 10,000.00 (100.00%)

Economic activity

18.13 Изготовление печатных форм и подготовительная деятельность Эта группировка включает: - составление, набор текста, фотонабор, подготовку данных, включая сканирование и оптическое распознавание символов/текста, электронный набор; - подготовку данных для различных носителей информации (бумага, CD-ROM, информационно-коммуникационная сеть Интернет, иные цифровые и электронные носители); - изготовление печатных форм, включая обработку изображений (для машин высокой и офсетной печати); - подготовку цилиндров, включая гравировку цилиндров для глубокой печати; - обработку копии на печатной пластине: "с компьютера на пластину" (включая фотополимерные пластины); - подготовку пластин и клише для рельефной штамповки или печати; - подготовку к печати: художественных работ технического плана, таких как литографические стенды и деревянные блоки; средств для презентаций, например прозрачных слайдов и прочих форм демонстрации изображений; набросков, разметок, эскизов и т.п.; - производство корректурных оттисков Эта группировка не включает: - специализированную дизайнерскую деятельность, см. 74.10
82.99 Activities to provide other support services to businesses, not elsewhere classified This class includes: - Activities in the field of transcription and interpretation of written materials such as courtroom stenography, shorthand public services; - Overlay subtitles on live TV, reporting on meetings and conferences; - Service Application address codes; - Services barcode printing; - The organization of payment collection services on a fee or contract basis; - Recovery services property rights; - Work to ensure the functioning of the coin counter of parking time; - Activities of independent auctioneers; - Organizing programs to attract customers; - Other auxiliary activities, not included in other categories This class includes: - Provision of services by rewriting documents, see 82.19;. - The supply of films and video titles or subtitles, see 59.12.
16.29.14 Production of wooden frames for paintings, photographs, mirrors or similar objects and other articles of wood
18.12 Other printing activities This class includes: - Printing of magazines and other periodicals, appearing at least four times a week; - Printing of books and brochures, music and musical scores, maps, atlases, posters, advertising catalogs, prospectuses and other printed advertising, postage stamps, tax stamps, documents of title, checks and other securities, smart cards, albums, diaries, calendars, other commercial printed matter, personal stationery and other printed materials made of high printing, offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing, screen printing, as well as using other methods, duplicating machines, computer printers, embossing machines, etc. including emergency backup; - Printing directly onto textiles, plastic, glass, metal, wood and ceramics Printed material, as a rule, protected by the Law of the Russian Federation "On Copyright and Related Rights" This class also includes: - Print labels or tags (lithography, gravure printing, flexographic printing, etc.); - Multi-color printing packaging, with additional design elements, on the sheets of paper and cardboard with the subsequent formation of the final product
73.11 Activities of advertising agencies This class includes: - Provision of all kinds in the field of advertising services (through subcontracting), including advice, creative services, production of advertising materials and procurement It includes: - The preparation and carrying out of advertising campaigns: preparing and placing advertising in newspapers, periodicals, radio, television, information and communications on the Internet and other media, training and placement, for example, on posters pillars, billboards, stands for posters and advertisements in shop windows, in showrooms, advertising on cars and buses, and the like, aerial advertising, distribution or delivery of advertising materials or test samples, preparation of stands and other demonstration materials and websites; - Market research and other services in the field of advertising aimed at attracting and retaining customers, promotion of products, market research sales items, mailing of advertising materials, consulting in the field of marketing
74.20 Photographic activities This class includes: - Activities in the field of photography for commercial purposes: portrait photos to documents, school and wedding photography, etc., photos for advertising purposes, publishing organizations, fashion magazines, real estate or tourism operations; aerial photography; filming ceremonies: weddings, meetings, etc .; - Photographic film processing: manifestation, printing and increase with photographs, negatives or films shot clients, laboratory developed film and print photos, instant photo frame slides into the room, creating a slideshow, retake, restoration or photo retouching; - Activities of photojournalists This class also includes: - Microphotography of documents
32.99 Other manufacturing, not elsewhere classified This class includes: - Production of safety equipment: the production of fire-resistant and protective clothing, harnesses for electricians and other belts for occupational use, cork protective equipment, plastic helmets and other means of personal safety made of plastic (sports helmets), fire protection, metal protective headgear metal and other means of personal safety protection earphones (e.g., for navigation and protection from noise); - The production of gas masks; - Manufacture of pens and pencils of all kinds; - The production of rods for pencils; - Production of stamps for sealing, affixing dates, numbers and stamps, hand-held devices for printing, or printing labels, hand printing devices ready for typewriter ribbons and ink pads; - Production of globes; - Manufacture of umbrellas, sun umbrellas, walking sticks; - Manufacture of buttons, push-fixers, studs, zippers; - Manufacture of cigarette lighters This class includes: - Production of wicks for lighters, see 13.96;. - Production for services of working clothing and apparel (eg laboratory coats, work overalls, work clothes), see 14.12;. - Production of small souvenirs made of paper, see 17.29.

Registration in Pension Fund

Number: 027020102969
Date: 29.12.2018
Code: 027020

Registration in Social Insurance Fund

Number: 860202987986021
Date: 09.01.2019
Code: 8602

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