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Additional economic activities

68.32 Property management for a fee or contract basis

This class includes:
- The activities of institutions for the collection of rents
This class includes:
- Activities in the field of law, see 69.10;.
- The activity of municipal support services (combination of services such as cleaning, maintenance and carrying out minor repairs, garbage collection, security of premises and security), see 81.10;.
- Management of facilities, such as military bases, prisons and other facilities (except computer facilities management), see 81.10.

69.10 Legal activities

This class includes:
- Representing the interests of one side against the other party in the courts or other courts: advice and representation in civil cases, advice and representation in criminal cases, advice and representation in connection with labor disputes;
- Provide guidance and advice on general issues, including the preparation of legal documents: certificates of registration of companies, leasing companies and other similar documents relating to the establishment and activities of companies, patents and copyright certificates; legal documents (wills, powers of attorney, etc.);
- Work of public notaries, notaries in civil matters, bailiffs, arbitrators, persons appointed by the court to remove the evidence, arbitrators, patent attorneys
This class includes:
- Activities of vessels, see 84.23.

82.91 Activities of collection agencies and credit reporting bureaus

This class includes:
- Recovery of payments on account and sending the collected payments to customers, including debt collection services;
- The collection of information, such as credit history or track record on individuals and companies and the provision of information to banking institutions, retailers, and others who need to assess the creditworthiness of individuals and companies

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