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73.20 Исследование конъюнктуры рынка и изучение общественного мнения

Эта группировка включает:
- исследование рынка и внутренних фактических и потенциальных возможностей производственной или посреднической деятельности фирмы с целью анализа структуры и закономерностей динамики рынка и обоснования мероприятий по более эффективной адаптации производства, технологий и структуры фирмы, а также представляемой фирмой на рынок продукции или услуг к спросу и требованиям конечного потребителя;
- изучение общественного мнения по политическим, экономическим и социальным вопросам, включая статистический анализ получаемой информации

Additional economic activities

78.10 Activities recruitment agencies

This class includes:
- Activity on maintenance of employment vacancies and a list of references, as well as the placement of applications of candidates who are not employees of the employment bureau
This class includes:
- Personnel search, selection of candidates and employment activities, including the appointment;
- Operation of casting agencies, such as theatrical agencies;
- Operation of the employment exchanges in the mode "On-line" in the information and communication on the Internet
This class includes:
- The activity of private theatrical and artistic agencies and recruiting agents, see 74.90.

62.01 The development of computer software

This class includes:
- Development, modernization, testing and supporting software
This class includes:
- Development of the structure and content, and / or writing the computer programs needed to create and implement this task, including: systems software (including updates and patches) software applications (including updates and patches), databases , web-pages;
- Software configuration, ie, modification and customization of an existing application so that it works as part of the customer information system
This class includes:
- Publishing software packages, see 58.29;.
- Translation or adaptation of general use software for a particular market on own account, see 58.29;.
- Planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and data transfer technology, even with the provision of software as an integral part, see 62.02.

18.12 Other printing activities

This class includes:
- Printing of magazines and other periodicals, appearing at least four times a week;
- Printing of books and brochures, music and musical scores, maps, atlases, posters, advertising catalogs, prospectuses and other printed advertising, postage stamps, tax stamps, documents of title, checks and other securities, smart cards, albums, diaries, calendars, other commercial printed matter, personal stationery and other printed materials made of high printing, offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing, screen printing, as well as using other methods, duplicating machines, computer printers, embossing machines, etc. including emergency backup;
- Printing directly onto textiles, plastic, glass, metal, wood and ceramics
Printed material, as a rule, protected by the Law of the Russian Federation "On Copyright and Related Rights"
This class also includes:
- Print labels or tags (lithography, gravure printing, flexographic printing, etc.);
- Multi-color printing packaging, with additional design elements, on the sheets of paper and cardboard with the subsequent formation of the final product

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