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46.90 Wholesale trade in specialized stores

This class includes:
- Wholesale of a variety of goods without any particular specialization

Additional economic activities

43.39 Manufacture of other dressing and final works

This class includes:
- Cleaning of buildings after construction;
- Perform other finishing works and completion of construction, not included in other categories
This class includes:
- Interior design activities, see 74.10;.
- General interior cleaning of buildings, see 81.21;.
- Special exterior and interior cleaning of buildings and structures, see 81.22.

45.20 Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles

This class includes:
- Repair of vehicles, including: mechanical repair, electrical systems, repair of injection systems, routine maintenance of vehicles, repair of body, chassis repair, cleaning and polishing, painting and drawing, windshield repair and windows, repair of car seats;
- Tire and all kinds of work related;
- Anti-corrosion treatment;
- The installation of spare parts and accessories that are not directly related to the production process
This class includes:
- Retreading of tires and tire repair, see 22.11.

62.01 The development of computer software

This class includes:
- Development, modernization, testing and supporting software
This class includes:
- Development of the structure and content, and / or writing the computer programs needed to create and implement this task, including: systems software (including updates and patches) software applications (including updates and patches), databases , web-pages;
- Software configuration, ie, modification and customization of an existing application so that it works as part of the customer information system
This class includes:
- Publishing software packages, see 58.29;.
- Translation or adaptation of general use software for a particular market on own account, see 58.29;.
- Planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and data transfer technology, even with the provision of software as an integral part, see 62.02.

43.11 Demolition of buildings

This class includes:
- Demolition of buildings and structures

43.12 Site preparation work

This class includes:
- Clearing the construction site, excavation works, including: excavation, removal of debris, alignment and layout of construction sites, work on digging trenches, removal of stones, etc .;
- Site preparation for the development and mining of mineral resources, except oil and gas sites
This class also includes:
- Building site drainage

49.41 Freight transport by road

This class includes:
- All kinds of road freight transport by road: dangerous goods, bulky and / or heavy cargo, containerized cargo and transport packages of perishable goods, bulk dry cargo, agricultural cargo, the construction industry, industrial goods, other goods
This class also includes:
- Renting of trucks with driver;
- Activities for the carriage of goods vehicles, set in motion by human or animal draft power

78.10 Activities recruitment agencies

This class includes:
- Activity on maintenance of employment vacancies and a list of references, as well as the placement of applications of candidates who are not employees of the employment bureau
This class includes:
- Personnel search, selection of candidates and employment activities, including the appointment;
- Operation of casting agencies, such as theatrical agencies;
- Operation of the employment exchanges in the mode "On-line" in the information and communication on the Internet
This class includes:
- The activity of private theatrical and artistic agencies and recruiting agents, see 74.90.

33.12 Repair of machinery

This class includes:
- Repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment, such as sharpening chisels or assembling machines;
- Welding works (for example, the general direction of, or for vehicles);
- Repair of agricultural and other heavy machinery and equipment (eg forklifts and other materials handling equipment, machine tools, industrial refrigerators, construction equipment and mining machinery), including machinery and equipment group 28
This class also includes:
- Repair and maintenance of engines, except automobile;
- Repair and maintenance of pumps, compressors and similar equipment;
- Repair and maintenance of hydraulic equipment;
- Repair and replacement of valves;
- Repair of electrical drives and driving elements;
- Repair and maintenance of industrial furnaces and burners;
- Repair and maintenance of material handling and material handling equipment;
- Repair and maintenance of industrial equipment for refrigeration and air conditioning;
- Repair and maintenance of multipurpose machines;
- Repair of hand tools with a mechanical drive;
- Repair and maintenance of metal cutting and forming machine tools and accessories;
- Repair and maintenance of other machine tools;
- Repair and maintenance of agricultural tractors;
- Repair and maintenance of agricultural and forest machinery;
- Repair and maintenance of metallurgical industries;
- Repair and maintenance of machinery used in mining, construction, oil and gas

49.42 Provision of transport

This class includes:
- Transportation services by road transport, provided at moving individuals and legal entities

77.32 Renting and leasing of construction machinery and equipment

This class includes:
- Renting of construction machinery and equipment without operator, including cranes, scaffolding and work platforms without erection and dismantling
This class includes:
- Renting of construction machinery and equipment with operator, see 43.

18.12 Other printing activities

This class includes:
- Printing of magazines and other periodicals, appearing at least four times a week;
- Printing of books and brochures, music and musical scores, maps, atlases, posters, advertising catalogs, prospectuses and other printed advertising, postage stamps, tax stamps, documents of title, checks and other securities, smart cards, albums, diaries, calendars, other commercial printed matter, personal stationery and other printed materials made of high printing, offset printing, gravure printing, flexographic printing, screen printing, as well as using other methods, duplicating machines, computer printers, embossing machines, etc. including emergency backup;
- Printing directly onto textiles, plastic, glass, metal, wood and ceramics
Printed material, as a rule, protected by the Law of the Russian Federation "On Copyright and Related Rights"
This class also includes:
- Print labels or tags (lithography, gravure printing, flexographic printing, etc.);
- Multi-color printing packaging, with additional design elements, on the sheets of paper and cardboard with the subsequent formation of the final product

43.32 Joinery and carpentry

This class includes:
- Installation of doors (except automated and revolving), windows, door and window frames made of wood or other materials;
- Installation of prefabricated kitchen sets, cabinets, stairs, commercial equipment, etc .;
- Interior decoration such as ceiling device, sliding and removable partitions, etc.
This class includes:
- Installation of automated and revolving doors, see 43.29.

46.77 Wholesale trade of waste and scrap

This class includes:
- Wholesale of metal and non-metal waste, scrap and materials for recycling, including the separation, sorting, dismantling and removal of used goods such as cars, to produce spare parts, their packaging, unpacking, storage and delivery, but without a significant recovery
Buy and sell waste has a remaining value
This class also includes:
- Dismantling of automobiles, computers, televisions and other equipment to obtain and resell usable parts
This class includes:
- Collection of household industrial waste, see 38.1;.
- Recycling is not for further use in the production process, and to destroy, 38.2 cm;.
- Waste treatment, waste and scrap and other articles into secondary raw material when it is required to obtain their recovery of secondary raw materials suitable for use in industrial production, but it is not a final product, see 38.3;.
- Dismantling of automobiles, computers, televisions and other equipment for the regeneration of their constituent material, see 38.31;.
- Dismantling of ships (for scrap), see 38.31;.
- Dismantling car by a mechanical process, see 38.32;.
- Retail sale of second-hand goods, see 47.79.

43.33 Works on laying of flooring and wall covering

This class includes:
- Folding, gluing tiles, lining, hanging or assembly in buildings or structures of any parts of their designs, including: laying ceramic tiles, concrete pavement or ashlar coverings, as well as the installation of ceramic furnaces;
- Installation of parquet and other wood floor coverings, wood cladding;
- Laying of carpeting, linoleum and other materials;
- Performance wall covering or floor covering made from natural and artificial stone;
- Paperhanging

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