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90.03 Деятельность в области художественного творчества

Эта группировка включает:
- деятельность скульпторов, художников, художников-мультипликаторов, граверов, офортистов и т.д., работающих индивидуально;
- деятельность писателей, работающих на индивидуальной основе в области беллетристики, технической литературы и всех остальных жанров, работающих индивидуально;
- деятельность независимых журналистов;
- деятельность по реставрации произведений искусства (картин, скульптур и т.п.)
Эта группировка не включает:
- изготовление статуй, за исключением художественных оригиналов, см. 23.70;
- реставрацию органов и других музыкальных инструментов, имеющих историческую ценность, см. 33.19;
- производство кино- и видеофильмов, см. 59.11, 59.12;
- реставрацию мебели (кроме реставрации музейных экспонатов), см. 95.24

Additional economic activities

74.10 Activities specialized in design

This class includes:
- Modeling of textiles, clothing, footwear, jewelry, furniture and other interior items, fashion goods and other goods for personal and household use;
- Industrial design, to the creation and development of designs and specifications that optimize the use, value and appearance of products, including choice of materials, mechanisms, shape, color and surface finishing products to meet the current demand, safety requirements and market needs in the dissemination, use and maintenance;
- Providing graphic design services;
- The provision of services of interior decorators
This class includes:
- Design and programming of web-pages in the information and communication on the Internet, see 62.01;.
- Architectural design, see 71.11;.
- Engineering design, ie application of the laws of physics and the rules of engineering in the design of machines, materials, instruments, structures, processes and systems, see. 71.12

96.09 Other personal service is not nec

This class includes:
- Activities of astrologers and mediums;
- Social services, such as escort services, dating agency and marriage agencies;
- Services for pet care, such as maintenance and training;
- Genealogical organizations activities;
- Activities salons tattoo and piercing;
- Shoe cleaning service, doormen, valet parking cars, etc .;
- Activities associated with the operation of personal service machines (fotokabinok, weighing machines, blood pressure measurement, automatic storage chambers, etc.)
This class includes:
- Provision of veterinary services, see 75.00;.
- Operation of coin-operated gaming machines operating at lowering coins (coins), see 92.00;.
- Operation of washing machines operating at lowering coins (coins), see 96.01.
ACTIVITIES OF HOUSEHOLDS AS EMPLOYERS; Undifferentiated activities of private households to produce goods and services for personal consumption

47.89 Retail trade in non-stationary objects of trade and markets of other goods

This class includes:
- Retail sale of other goods in stalls or markets, such as carpets and rugs, books, games and toys, household appliances and consumer electronics, audio and video recordings

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