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71.12 Activities in the field of engineering research, engineering design, project management, construction, construction monitoring and field supervision, technical consultancy in these fields

This class includes:
- Engineering design, ie application of technical rules of designing machines, materials, instruments, structures, technology, and consulting in the field of mechanical engineering, industrial processes and equipment design, associated with the construction of engineering structures, including waterworks, transportation construction, the development of water supply projects, project development industrial processes and production projects, referred to electrotechnics, electronical technic, mining, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, as well as in the sphere of industrial building, systems engineering and safety;
- The development of air-conditioning projects, refrigeration, sanitary engineering and environmental pollution monitoring, building acoustics, etc .;
- Geophysical, geological and seismic work;
- Surveying, hydrological surveys, survey work on the exploration of mineral resources;
- Mapping activities
This class also includes:
- energoservice
This class includes:
- Exploratory drilling, see 09.10, 09.90,.
- The development or the release of the required software, see 58.29, 62.01,.
- Advisers work in computer science, see 62.02, 62.09,.
- Technical testing, see 71.20;.
- Research and development, see 72.19;.
- Industrial design, see 74.10;.
- Aerial photography, see 74.20.

Additional economic activities

68.31 Activities of real estate agencies on a fee or contract basis

This class includes:
- Providing agency services for the real estate: the provision of mediation services in buying, selling and renting real estate, providing consulting services for buying, selling and renting of immovable property;
- Activities surety agents
This class includes:
- Activities in the field of law, see 69.10.

73.11 Activities of advertising agencies

This class includes:
- Provision of all kinds in the field of advertising services (through subcontracting), including advice, creative services, production of advertising materials and procurement
It includes:
- The preparation and carrying out of advertising campaigns: preparing and placing advertising in newspapers, periodicals, radio, television, information and communications on the Internet and other media, training and placement, for example, on posters pillars, billboards, stands for posters and advertisements in shop windows, in showrooms, advertising on cars and buses, and the like, aerial advertising, distribution or delivery of advertising materials or test samples, preparation of stands and other demonstration materials and websites;
- Market research and other services in the field of advertising aimed at attracting and retaining customers, promotion of products, market research sales items, mailing of advertising materials, consulting in the field of marketing

69.10 Legal activities

This class includes:
- Representing the interests of one side against the other party in the courts or other courts: advice and representation in civil cases, advice and representation in criminal cases, advice and representation in connection with labor disputes;
- Provide guidance and advice on general issues, including the preparation of legal documents: certificates of registration of companies, leasing companies and other similar documents relating to the establishment and activities of companies, patents and copyright certificates; legal documents (wills, powers of attorney, etc.);
- Work of public notaries, notaries in civil matters, bailiffs, arbitrators, persons appointed by the court to remove the evidence, arbitrators, patent attorneys
This class includes:
- Activities of vessels, see 84.23.

71.11 Activities in the field of architecture

This class includes:
- Consulting in the field of architectural works: design of buildings, including services for the development of working drawings, urban planning, including landscape architecture
This class includes:
- Consultancy in the field of computers, see 62.02, 62.09,.
- Design (design) of the premises, see 74.10.

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