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23.61 Manufacture of concrete products for construction purposes

This class includes:
- Production of finished construction of concrete products, cement and artificial stone: tiles, slabs, bricks, boards, sheets, panels, pipes, poles etc .;
- Manufacture of prefabricated buildings made of cement, concrete and artificial stone

Additional economic activities

43.39 Manufacture of other dressing and final works

This class includes:
- Cleaning of buildings after construction;
- Perform other finishing works and completion of construction, not included in other categories
This class includes:
- Interior design activities, see 74.10;.
- General interior cleaning of buildings, see 81.21;.
- Special exterior and interior cleaning of buildings and structures, see 81.22.

43.91 Production of Roofing

This class includes:
- Roof construction;
- Roofing
This class includes:
- Renting of construction machinery and equipment without operator, see 77.32.

43.99 Other specialized construction works not included in other categories

This class includes:
- Construction works of one type are used for different types of structures, requiring specialized skills or equipment, including: installation of foundations and piling, Implementation of the waterproofing, drying rooms, shaft excavation, installation of steel structural elements of buildings and structures, installation of steel reinforcement, bricklaying and stone setting scaffolds and work platforms, as well as their dismantling, except for the rental of scaffolding and working platforms, chimneys apparatus and industrial furnaces, work on special access requirements that require climbing skills and the use of appropriate equipment, such as work on high-rise buildings;
- Underground work;
- Construction of outdoor swimming pools;
- Steam cleaning, sand blasting and similar work on the outer surface of the walls of the buildings;
- Renting of cranes and other construction equipment with operator
This class includes:
- Renting of construction machinery and equipment without operator, see 77.32.

46.73 Wholesale trade of wood, construction materials and sanitary equipment

This class includes:
- Wholesale trade in raw wood;
- Wholesale of products of primary processing of timber;
- Wholesale of paints and varnishes;
- Wholesale trade in building materials such as sand, gravel;
- Wholesale of wallpaper and floor coverings;
- Wholesale of flat glass;
- Wholesale of sanitary equipment, including bathtubs, sinks, toilets and other plumbing fixtures;
- Wholesale of prefabricated buildings

42.99 Construction of other civil engineering projects nec

This class includes:
- Construction of industrial facilities except buildings, such as nefteperabatyvayuschie, chemical plants;
- Construction work, other than the construction of facilities such as outdoor sports facilities;
- Division and landscaping (eg, construction of additional roads, utility infrastructure etc.)
This class includes:
- Installation of industrial machinery, see 33.20;.
- Demarcation of land without improvement, see 68.10;.
- Engineering and design activities of technical consultants in the relevant fields, see 71.12.

46.69 Wholesale trade of other machinery and equipment

This class includes:
- Wholesale vehicles except automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles;
- Wholesale of conveyor robots;
- Wholesale of wires, cables, switches and other installation equipment for industrial use;
- Wholesale of other hardware products, such as motors, transformers, etc .;
- Wholesale of other machinery and equipment used in industry (except mining, construction, textile industry), trade and navigation and other services
This class also includes:
- Wholesale of measuring instruments and equipment

43.12 Site preparation work

This class includes:
- Clearing the construction site, excavation works, including: excavation, removal of debris, alignment and layout of construction sites, work on digging trenches, removal of stones, etc .;
- Site preparation for the development and mining of mineral resources, except oil and gas sites
This class also includes:
- Building site drainage

49.41 Freight transport by road

This class includes:
- All kinds of road freight transport by road: dangerous goods, bulky and / or heavy cargo, containerized cargo and transport packages of perishable goods, bulk dry cargo, agricultural cargo, the construction industry, industrial goods, other goods
This class also includes:
- Renting of trucks with driver;
- Activities for the carriage of goods vehicles, set in motion by human or animal draft power

43.21 Electrical Contractors

This class includes:
- Installation of electrical systems in all kinds of buildings and civil engineering structures
This class includes:
- Wiring and electrical fittings, telecommunications, computer network wiring cable television, including fiber-optic communication lines, satellite dishes, lighting systems, fire alarm, security alarm systems, street lighting and other electrical equipment on the roads, power supply ground electric and electrical signaling equipment, lighting runways of airports and spaceports, electric solar energy collectors
This class also includes:
- Works on eyeliner grids to connect electrical appliances and other equipment, including baseboard heating

46.71 Wholesale trade of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products

This class includes:
- Wholesale of fuels, greases, lubricants, oils such as: charcoal, coal, coke, wood, solvent naphtha, crude oil, crude oil, diesel, gasoline, fuel oil, heating oil, kerosene, liquefied petroleum gases, propane and butane, lubricating oils and greases, refined petroleum products

81.30 Activities on the improvement of the landscape

This class includes:
- Tab, processing and maintenance of: Parks and gardens for public and private houses, public and non-residential buildings (schools, hospitals, administrative buildings, church buildings etc.), urban areas (parks, urban green areas, cemeteries etc. n.), green areas along transport routes (roads, railway and tram lines, waterways, ports), industrial and commercial buildings, green areas of buildings (roof gardens, planting facades, interiors), sports fields, playgrounds, recreation areas, golf courses and other places for entertainment and recreation, stationary and flowing bodies of water (ponds, ponds, swimming pools, ditches, water lines, sewage systems, factory);
- Gardening and landscaping areas for protection against noise, wind, erosion, bright light, etc.
This class includes:
- Land for commercial purposes (for sale) plants, trees, see 01, 02,.
- Maintenance of nurseries and forest tree nurseries, see 01.30, 02.10,.
- The maintenance of land in good condition for agricultural use, see 01.61;.
- Construction and improvement of buildings and structures, see Section F;.
- Landscape design and architectural design, see 71.11.

43.22 Production of sanitary-engineering works, installation of heating systems and air conditioning systems

This class includes:
- Installation of water supply systems, heating and air conditioning systems, including their reconstruction, maintenance and repair
This class includes:
- Installation (assembly) in buildings or facilities: heating systems (electric, gas and oil), furnaces and cooling towers, non-electric solar energy collectors, plumbing and sanitary equipment, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and ducts, gas fittings, piping for feeding steam, automatic fire extinguishing systems, automatic systems for watering lawns;
- Work on the pipeline installation
This class includes:
- Installation of electric baseboard heating, see 43.21.

43.29 Manufacture of other civil and erection works

This class includes:
- Installation (assembly) equipment, in addition to heating and air conditioning systems, or engineering equipment in buildings and structures of civil engineering
This class includes:
- Installation (assembly) in buildings or facilities: elevators, escalators, including repair and maintenance, automated and revolving doors, lightning, air purification systems, thermal, sound or vibration insulation
This class includes:
- Installation in buildings and facilities engineering equipment, see 33.20.

43.31 Plastering works

This class includes:
- Interior and exterior plaster works in buildings, including the installation of reinforcing mesh

42.11 Construction of roads and motorways

This class includes:
- Construction of highways, roads, including street and road networks, sidewalks and walkways, as well as elements of their resettlement;
- The device pavements and coatings on the roads, including street and road networks, bridges or tunnels;
- Construction of road horizontal and vertical layout;
- The installation of guardrails, signaling columns and road signs;
- Construction and installation and commissioning of equipment engineering and technical facilities (systems) to ensure transport safety;
- Construction of runways of airfields
This class includes:
- Installation of street lighting and traffic lights, see 43.21;.
- Implementation of architectural, design, engineering and engineering activities, see 71.1;.
- Project management, construction, construction monitoring and supervision, see 71.1.

43.32 Joinery and carpentry

This class includes:
- Installation of doors (except automated and revolving), windows, door and window frames made of wood or other materials;
- Installation of prefabricated kitchen sets, cabinets, stairs, commercial equipment, etc .;
- Interior decoration such as ceiling device, sliding and removable partitions, etc.
This class includes:
- Installation of automated and revolving doors, see 43.29.

46.90 Wholesale trade in specialized stores

This class includes:
- Wholesale of a variety of goods without any particular specialization

52.10 Activity Warehousing and storage

This class includes:
- Activities of infrastructure for storage and warehousing of all kinds of goods, activities granaries, silos and warehouses for general cargo, refrigerated warehouses (cold stores), silos, etc.
This class also includes:
- Storage of goods in free trade zones;
- Freezing of products

43.33 Works on laying of flooring and wall covering

This class includes:
- Folding, gluing tiles, lining, hanging or assembly in buildings or structures of any parts of their designs, including: laying ceramic tiles, concrete pavement or ashlar coverings, as well as the installation of ceramic furnaces;
- Installation of parquet and other wood floor coverings, wood cladding;
- Laying of carpeting, linoleum and other materials;
- Performance wall covering or floor covering made from natural and artificial stone;
- Paperhanging

43.34 Painting and glazing work

This class includes:
- Painting the inside and outside of buildings;
- Painting of civil engineering in structures;
- Installation of glass, mirrors, etc.
This class includes:
- Installation of windows, see 43.32.

47.52 Retail hardware, paints and glass in specialized stores

This class includes:
- Retail sale of hardware;
- Retail sale of paints, varnishes and lacquers;
- Retail sale of flat glass;
- Retail sale of other building materials such as bricks, wood, sanitary equipment;
- Retail sale of materials and equipment for the manufacture of handicrafts;
- Retail sale of lawnmowers, regardless of management;
- Retail sale of prefabricated wooden structures such as bath

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