Status: Active
PSRN:Primary State Registration Number 1198600000554
Registration date: 12.04.2019
ITN:Individual Taxpayer Number 8602291513
RRC:Registration reason code 860201001
Legal form:All-Russian Classifier of Organizational-Legal Forms 71400 Автономные некоммерческие организации
Legal address: 628403, KHanty-Mansiiskii Avtonomnyi okrug - YUgra автономный округ, город Surgut, проезд Druzhby, ДОМ 6
Registrator: 8602 Инспекция Федеральной налоговой службы по г. Сургуту Ханты-Мансийского автономного округа - Югры

Legal address

Region: KHanty-Mansiiskii Avtonomnyi okrug - YUgra автономный округ
City: город Surgut
Street: проезд Druzhby
House: ДОМ 6
Postal index: 628403
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Economic activity (view all)

85.41.9 Образование дополнительное детей и взрослых прочее, не включенное в другие группировки Эта группировка включает: - образование, которое не определяется квалификационным уровнем, академическое образование, центры обучения, предлагающие коррекционные курсы, курсы по подготовке к экзаменам, обучение языкам, компьютерные курсы Эта группировка также включает: - дальнейшее образование, а также тренинги и курсы для разных профессий, хобби и занятия для личного роста Эта группировка также включает: - лагеря и школы, предоставляющие обучение в областях спорта группам и индивидуально, обучение искусствам, драме или музыке или другое обучение или специальное обучение Эта группировка не включает: - обучение религии, см. 94.91 0
74.90 Activities of professional, scientific and technical, not included in other categories This class includes: - A variety of activities for the provision of commercial services; - Work that requires high professional knowledge and experience, but does not include the daily business functions, usually short-lived; - Organization of the work of brokers, ie organizing the purchase and sale of small and large businesses, including business practices, except rieltorstva; - Organization of the work of brokers, ie organizing the purchase and sale of patents; - Audit of accounts and evaluation of freight rates; - Preparation of weather forecasts; - Consultancy in terms of security; - Consulting in the field of agriculture; - Consulting in the field of ecology; - Provision of other technical advice; - Activities of consultants other than architects, designers and management consultants This class also includes: - Activities of agencies and agents acting on behalf of individuals claiming to share and reward participation of its customers to act in the movies, play performances and participate in other recreational activities or sports, to publish books, display artwork, photos, etc. on behalf of publishers, producers, etc .; - Activities of appraisers; - Activities in the field of information security 0
69.10 Legal activities This class includes: - Representing the interests of one side against the other party in the courts or other courts: advice and representation in civil cases, advice and representation in criminal cases, advice and representation in connection with labor disputes; - Provide guidance and advice on general issues, including the preparation of legal documents: certificates of registration of companies, leasing companies and other similar documents relating to the establishment and activities of companies, patents and copyright certificates; legal documents (wills, powers of attorney, etc.); - Work of public notaries, notaries in civil matters, bailiffs, arbitrators, persons appointed by the court to remove the evidence, arbitrators, patent attorneys This class includes: - Activities of vessels, see 84.23.
86.21 General practice This class includes: - Medical consultation and treatment in the field of general and specialized medicine, provided by general practitioners This class includes: - Activities of health centers, see 86.10;. - Activities of paramedical personnel such as midwives, nurses and physiotherapists, see 86.90.
86.22 Special medical practice This class includes: - Medical consultation and treatment in the field of specialized medicine by medical specialists and surgeons This class also includes: - Activities of family planning centers providing medical treatment, such as: sterilization and termination of pregnancy, without accommodation
71.12.5 Activities in the field of hydrometeorology and related areas, environmental monitoring, pollution
87.90 Activities for the care with providing other accommodation This class includes: - Activities aimed at the provision of home care for the elderly and disabled people with multiple disabilities care for themselves; - Around the clock to ensure that the activities of social assistance to children and special categories of persons with disabilities, where medical treatment or education are not primary; - Activities of orphanages; - The activity of children's boarding schools and hostels; - The activity of temporary shelters for the homeless; - Activities to assist single mothers and their children This activity can be carried out by public or private organizations This class also includes: - Activities of group homes for the cohabitation of people with social or personal problems, homes for juvenile delinquents and offenders, correctional institutions for juveniles
85.41.1 Education in the field of sport and recreation This class includes: - Sports, group or individual, including classes in camps and sports schools Training can be provided in a variety of areas, such as training the client's premises or the company, or other educational organizations. Education is organized officially This class includes: - Sports training (basketball, baseball, cricket, football, etc.); - Training in sports camps; - Training exercises; - Training in riding schools; - Learning to swim; - The services of professional sports instructors, teachers, coaches, - Training of martial arts; - Training yoga This class includes: - Sport in secondary schools, colleges and universities; - Education in the field of culture
82.30 Activities of the organization of conferences and exhibitions This class includes: - Organization, promotion and / or management of events such as business meetings, negotiations and exhibitions, meetings, conferences and congresses, including the selection of personnel for the management of premises in which these events take place
88.99 The provision of other social services without accommodation, not included in other categories This class includes: - Provision of social services, counseling, material assistance These services can be provided by public services or private organizations that provide disaster relief, as well as national and local organizations of mutual aid, experts on: the provision of social assistance to children and adolescents and guide their upbringing; adoption (adoption), activities for the prevention of cruelty to children and others; counseling on domestic budget on marriage and family, credits and loans; provision of social services at the municipal level; aid to disaster victims, refugees, immigrants etc., including providing them with a place for temporary accommodation or housing for the long term; vocational rehabilitation for the unemployed, provided that the volume of educational services is limited; determining eligibility for social assistance, additional payments for rental housing (housing allowance), or Food Stamps; preparation to a specific activity of persons with disabilities, with a limited education; fundraising or other charity work in providing assistance related to the provision of social services This class includes: - Funding and management of compulsory social security programs, see 84.30;. - Provision of social services, such as those described in this group, with accommodation, see 87.90. Cultural activities, sports, leisure and entertainment, This section includes: - A wide range of activities in the field of culture, entertainment, recreation, including live performances, exhibitions of work, gambling, sports events and activities associated with relaxation

Registration in Pension Fund

Number: 027020104239
Date: 16.04.2019
Code: 027020

Registration in Social Insurance Fund

Number: 860203018586021
Date: 16.04.2019
Code: 8602

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