Status: Active
PSRN:Primary State Registration Number 1197847155330
Registration date: 09.07.2019
ITN:Individual Taxpayer Number 7842173550
RRC:Registration reason code 784201001
Legal form:All-Russian Classifier of Organizational-Legal Forms 12300 Общества с ограниченной ответственностью
Legal address: 193144, Sankt-Peterburg город, улица Novgorodskaya, ДОМ 5 ЛИТЕР А
Registrator: 7842 Межрайонная инспекция Федеральной налоговой службы №11 по Санкт-Петербургу

Legal address

Region: Sankt-Peterburg город
Street: улица Novgorodskaya
House: ДОМ 5
Building: ЛИТЕР А
Flat: ПОМ. 18-Н ОФИС 8
Postal index: 193144
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Founder Part
1 BELIKOVA YULIYA YUREVNA ITN 650502158800 10,000.00 (100.00%)

Economic activity (view all)

46.90 Торговля оптовая неспециализированная Эта группировка включает: - оптовую торговлю различными товарами без конкретной специализации
47.54 Retail trade of electrical household appliances in specialized stores This class includes: - Retail sale of audio and video equipment, see 47.43.
62.09 Activities related to the usage of computers and information technology, other This class includes: - Other information technology-related work on the computer, not included in other categories, including: provision of computer disaster recovery, setup (setup) of personal computers, software installation This class includes: - The installation of dedicated digital and analog computers, see 33.20;. - The development of computer software, see 62.01;. - Consulting in the field of computer systems, see 62.02;. - Management of computer equipment, see 62.03;. - Data processing and hosting, see 63.11.
73.11 Activities of advertising agencies This class includes: - Provision of all kinds in the field of advertising services (through subcontracting), including advice, creative services, production of advertising materials and procurement It includes: - The preparation and carrying out of advertising campaigns: preparing and placing advertising in newspapers, periodicals, radio, television, information and communications on the Internet and other media, training and placement, for example, on posters pillars, billboards, stands for posters and advertisements in shop windows, in showrooms, advertising on cars and buses, and the like, aerial advertising, distribution or delivery of advertising materials or test samples, preparation of stands and other demonstration materials and websites; - Market research and other services in the field of advertising aimed at attracting and retaining customers, promotion of products, market research sales items, mailing of advertising materials, consulting in the field of marketing
47.41 Retail trade of computers, peripheral devices to them and software in specialized stores This class includes: - Retail sale of computers; - Retail sale of computer peripheral equipment; - Retail sale of video game consoles for; - Retail sale of non-personalized software, including video games; - Retail sale of office machinery and equipment This class includes: - Retail sale of tapes and disks without recording, see 47.63.
62.03 The activities Computer facilities management This class includes: - Provision of on site management and operation of the client computer systems and / or data processing resources, as well as related support services

Registration in Pension Fund

Number: 088027190984
Date: 10.07.2019
Code: 088027

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