Status: Active
PSRN:Primary State Registration Number 1198901002915
Registration date: 08.07.2019
ITN:Individual Taxpayer Number 8905065986
RRC:Registration reason code 890501001
Legal form:All-Russian Classifier of Organizational-Legal Forms 12300 Общества с ограниченной ответственностью
Legal address: 629803, YAmalo-Nenetskii автономный округ, город Noyabrsk, улица Izyskatelei, ДОМ 46
Registrator: 8905 Межрайонная инспекция Федеральной налоговой службы №5 по Ямало-Ненецкому автономному округу

Legal address

Region: YAmalo-Nenetskii автономный округ
City: город Noyabrsk
Street: улица Izyskatelei
House: ДОМ 46
Postal index: 629803
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Founder Part
1 TAGIROV KADIM MUSLIMOVICH ITN 861000271281 10,000.00 (100.00%)

Economic activity (view all)

09.10.2 Предоставление услуг по монтажу, ремонту и демонтажу буровых вышек
43.12.2 Production of drainage work on agricultural land, forest land areas, as well as on construction sites
43.12.3 Excavate
43.29 Manufacture of other civil and erection works This class includes: - Installation (assembly) equipment, in addition to heating and air conditioning systems, or engineering equipment in buildings and structures of civil engineering This class includes: - Installation (assembly) in buildings or facilities: elevators, escalators, including repair and maintenance, automated and revolving doors, lightning, air purification systems, thermal, sound or vibration insulation This class includes: - Installation in buildings and facilities engineering equipment, see 33.20.
42.11 Construction of roads and motorways This class includes: - Construction of highways, roads, including street and road networks, sidewalks and walkways, as well as elements of their resettlement; - The device pavements and coatings on the roads, including street and road networks, bridges or tunnels; - Construction of road horizontal and vertical layout; - The installation of guardrails, signaling columns and road signs; - Construction and installation and commissioning of equipment engineering and technical facilities (systems) to ensure transport safety; - Construction of runways of airfields This class includes: - Installation of street lighting and traffic lights, see 43.21;. - Implementation of architectural, design, engineering and engineering activities, see 71.1;. - Project management, construction, construction monitoring and supervision, see 71.1.
43.12.1 Clearing the construction site

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