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20.1 Производство основных химических веществ, удобрений и азотных соединений, пластмасс и синтетического каучука в первичных формах

Эта группировка включает:
- производство основных химических веществ, удобрений и азотных соединений, а также пластмасс и синтетического каучука в первичных формах

Additional economic activities

82.92 Activities of packing goods

This class includes:
- Packaging activities on a fee or contract basis, whether automated or not automated this process including: filling bottles and cans of liquid products, beverages and food;
- The packaging of solid products in a transparent (blister) packaging, foil, etc .;
- Safe packaging products used for medical purposes;
- Labeling, marking and labels on packaging;
- Packing parcels and gifts
This class includes:
- Manufacture of soft drinks and mineral water production, see 11.07;.
- Packaging associated with the transport, see 52.29.

71.1 Activities in the field of architecture and engineering activities and related technical consultancy

This class includes:
- Provision of architectural, engineering and technical services for the development of drawings of services on construction survey, cartography services, etc .;
- Provision of services for project management construction, construction monitoring and field supervision

46.4 Wholesale trade of household goods

This class includes:
- Wholesale of household goods, including textiles

74.20 Photographic activities

This class includes:
- Activities in the field of photography for commercial purposes: portrait photos to documents, school and wedding photography, etc., photos for advertising purposes, publishing organizations, fashion magazines, real estate or tourism operations; aerial photography; filming ceremonies: weddings, meetings, etc .;
- Photographic film processing: manifestation, printing and increase with photographs, negatives or films shot clients, laboratory developed film and print photos, instant photo frame slides into the room, creating a slideshow, retake, restoration or photo retouching;
- Activities of photojournalists
This class also includes:
- Microphotography of documents

49.4 Activities of road freight transport and shipping services

This class includes:
- All kinds of land transport of goods, other than rail transport

24.10 Production of pig iron, steel and ferro-alloys

This class includes:
- Operation of blast furnaces, steel converters, rolling mills and finishing;
- Production of foundry pig iron and mirror in pigs, blocks or other primary forms;
- Production of ferroalloys;
- Production of steel products;
- Production of ingots, other primary forms and semi-finished products of stainless steel or other alloy steel;
- Production of pure iron by electrolytic or chemical processes;
- Remelting of scrap iron and steel;
- Production of iron granules or iron powder;
- Production of steel in ingots or other primary forms;
- Manufacture of semi-finished steel products;
- Production of hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel;
- Production of ingots and hot rolled steel rods;
- Manufacture of sheet piling and welded open sections;
- Production of materials for railway tracks (tracks without assembly) of steel
This class includes:
- The production of rods and profiles by cold drawing, see 24.31.

46.75 Wholesale trade of chemical products

This class includes:
- Wholesale industrial chemicals such as aniline, printing inks, oils, industrial gases, chemical adhesives, dyes, synthetic resin, methanol, paraffin, fragrances and flavorings, soda, industrial salt, and sulfur acid, starch, etc. .;
- Wholesale of fertilizers and agrochemical products

41.20 Construction of residential and non-residential buildings

This class includes:
- Construction of all types of residential buildings, such as: single and multifamily, including high-rise buildings;
- Construction of all types of non-residential buildings, such as buildings for industrial production, eg factories, workshops, factories, etc., hospitals, schools, office buildings, hotels, shops, shopping malls, restaurants, the airport building and the spaceport, indoor sports facilities, garages, including underground garages for car parking, warehouse, religious buildings;
- Assembly and erection of prefabricated constructions on the construction site;
- Reconstruction or repair of existing residential and non-residential buildings, as well as sports facilities
This class includes:
- Construction of industrial facilities, except buildings, see 42.99;.
- Implementation of architectural and engineering activities, see 71.1;.
- Project management of construction, see 71.1.

47.5 Retail trade of other household goods in specialized stores

This class includes:
- Retail sale of household products such as textiles, hardware, carpets, electrical appliances, furniture, in specialized stores

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