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56.10 Деятельность ресторанов и услуги по доставке продуктов питания

Эта группировка включает:
- услуги по предоставлению питания потребителям, независимо от того, подаются ли они в специальных местах общепита или в ресторанах самообслуживания, едят их в помещении, забирают с собой или заказывают для доставки на дом;
- подготовку и подачу пищи для непосредственного потребления с транспортных средств или передвижных лавок;
- деятельность ресторанов, кафе, ресторанов быстрого обслуживания, мест с предоставлением еды на вынос, вагончиков для продажи мороженого, передвижных вагончиков для продажи пищи, деятельность по приготовлению пищи в торговых палатках
Эта группировка также включает:
- деятельность ресторанов и баров, связанную с доставкой продуктов питания потребителям отдельными подразделениями предприятия

Additional economic activities

68.32 Property management for a fee or contract basis

This class includes:
- The activities of institutions for the collection of rents
This class includes:
- Activities in the field of law, see 69.10;.
- The activity of municipal support services (combination of services such as cleaning, maintenance and carrying out minor repairs, garbage collection, security of premises and security), see 81.10;.
- Management of facilities, such as military bases, prisons and other facilities (except computer facilities management), see 81.10.

68.10 Buying and selling of own real estate

This class includes:
- Buying and selling of real estate: apartment buildings, houses, apartments, non-residential buildings and premises, including exhibition halls, warehouses, shops and shopping places, land
This class also includes:
- The division of property in the form of land into plots without improvement

68.20 Renting and operating of own or leased real estate

This class includes:
- Renting and operating of own or leased real estate: apartment buildings and other residential buildings, flats, non-residential buildings and premises, including the exhibition halls and warehouses, land plots;
- Leasing houses, furnished and unfurnished apartments or apartment buildings, designed for longer stays, typically on a monthly or annual basis
This class also includes:
- Construction of buildings for their own use;
- Operation of parking lots for mobile homes

55.10 Activity of hotels and other places of temporary residence

This class includes:
- Providing places for visitors to stay for a period of days or weeks, mostly for temporary stay
It includes the provision of comfortable furnished guest rooms and suites with dressing bed, bed linen and daily cleaning. The list of additional services include: food and drinks, providing car parking, laundry facilities, libraries, swimming pools and exercise rooms, recreation rooms and entertainment, as well as the provision of conference rooms and meeting rooms
This class includes:
- Activity of hotels, including luxury hotels with rooms and apartments;
- Activities motels
This class includes:
- Provision of homes and furnished or unfurnished apartments for long-term stays, generally for a period of months to a year, see 68.

56.10.3 Activity of restaurants and bars food in railway dining cars and on ships

This class includes:
- Retail sale of food through vending machines, see 47.99;.
- Provision of food items services at discounted prices, see 56.29.

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